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Kenny Rushing:

Kenny Rushing

August 2000:

August 2000 Furniture Sales Rep - $6.25/hour Getting a Mentor Coach changed his life!! Started his first company: First Time Development, Inc. Bought his first house on his CREDIT CARD ($2,500)

August 2000:

August 2000 “Use OTHER PEOPLES MONEY” Acted as his own G.C. SWEAT EQUITY !!! Saved thousands on labor costs

September 2001:

September 2001 Sold his first rehabbed home Profiting $35,000 Used $17,500 earned money to buy another home Rehabbed that one and flipped for $22,500 profit That year Kenny flipped 4 houses, earning more than $100,000 in profit.

April 2002:

April 2002 Purchased a 100-year-old former crack house Spent 12 months rehabbing The house was featured in the Neighborhood Association’s Newsletter Kenny’s work was the catalyst for others to invest in the Tampa Heights neighborhood

February 2003:

February 2003 Kenny found it challenging to operate solely on profits generated from the sale of his rehabs Typical rehab project took a minimum of 6 months Months without income, causing severe cash- flow problems Kenny sought help from another mentor coach Not afraid to try, contracted a fixer-upper for $95,000 Flipped for $102,000 , making $7,500 without using any cash or credit Could do 3 or 4 of these flips a month and make more money That year Kenny flipped 12 contracts for profits of $138,000 !!

January 2004:

January 2004 Rehabber’s Superstore, Inc. One –stop shop for other investors The Rehabber’s Superstore was the first full-fledge wholesale operation in Tampa, Fl Rehabber’s Superstore bought and sold 42 houses and did over $2.2 million

April 2005:

April 2005 “Cash In 3 Day’s for Your House” Kenny partnered with two other local investors Raised $1 Million Sold over 67 houses with $3.5 Million in sales transactions


2006 Began raising more money Raised another $4 Million Rehabber’s Superstore bought and sold over 176 houses with sales transaction of $10 Million


2006 House-flipping success got the attention of media His story landed him on the pages of the: St. Petersburg Times Florida Sentinel Bulletin Power Broker Magazine Ice Cream Magazine Guest on: National radio and television shows Also invited by Susan Taylor to Essence Empowerment Festival , spoken to Sean “P-Diddy” Comb’s at Rev. Al Sharpton’s , keynote speaker at Harvard University for the Innocence Project


2006 House Hustling Enterprises, Inc. To help inner-city youth Bring You’re A Game Televised on BET Co-starring P-Diddy, Hill Harper, Lupe Fiasco, Mario Van Pebbles and 20 other celebrities and entrepreneurs

November 2007:

November 2007 Rehabber’s Superstore had its best year ever Bought and sold over 376 houses with total sales of $15 Million 31% ROI for the year Finished construction of his 10,000 sq ft home in Lutz

July 2008:

July 2008 Launches his New Jack Investor Home Study Course The program sells out in hours Generates over $240,000 in a single day Began investing in Bulk REO’s and Mortgage Notes to diversify his real estate holdings

May 13th, 2009:

May 13 th , 2009 First Bulk REO with NET profits of $400,000 on the sale of 60 homes in 16 days Partnered with Robert Gries to start Bulk REO Trader, LLC to buy distressed bulk REOs and Mortgage notes nationwide Co-produced a national infomercial, the $1 Deal Maker


2010 Starts private Equity Fund, Rush Capital Fund , obtains $10 Million line of credit Launched Bulk REO Trader Home Study Course Program promoted by over 367 affiliates and sold over $1.2 Million in a week Embarked on an international tour , beginning in the U.S., speaking at Robert Kiyosaki & FreedomSoft Super Conference and Than Merrill’s events. Then to India, England and Scotland


2011 Launched the Buy American Real Estate Tour In July founded the Kenny Rushing School of Real Estate Investing Created “Rushing To Riches” Online Private Membership Training Portal , hosts over $10,000 in real estate training Free 14 Day Free Trial Membership is only $97/ month


2011 Spent 12 years investing Involved in over 1,000 real estate deals Over $85 Million in sales transactions 3-cycle investor He bought homes BEFORE , DURING and AFTER the real estate boom Lost money on less than 1% of all the deals He credits that track record on having the right Mentor Coaches in his real estate career


2011 Rise out of the Recession Through Real Estate Investing “During the real estate boom, you could put a ‘for sale’ sign in front of a dog house and sell it”


2012 Kenny is embarking on a World Tour : New York Vancouver, Canada Dubai, United Arab Emirates Johannesburg, South Africa Mumbai, India Sydney, Australia Tokyo, Japan London, England Moscow, Russia Honolulu, Hawaii

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