Draft MMW- Monthly Presentation-Oct' 11 and plan for Nov'11 (3)

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Progress in October 2011:

Progress in O ctober 2011 Making Markets Works for Small-holder Farmers and Rural Producers

Influence, Scaling-up and capacity building:

Influence, Scaling-up and capacity building Service Provider forum of Dinajpur Awarded by Deputy Commissioner for participating in Information fair which organised by SANAK and District Administration . In Gaibandha 03 non-project beneficiaries cultivated HYV grass in 25 decimals land. In Magura, Department of Youth Development and Department of Livestock services using the “Napier Grass production and marketing” video as training tools. In Faridpur Fresh Feed Company representatives conducted learning session in 05 producer groups and the topics was “ Advantage of cattle ready feed, comparison between traditional feed and ready feed.

Progress in Milk and Beef Value Chain :

Progress in Milk and Beef Value Chain

Service market INFLUNCE to emerge product market:

Service market INFLUNCE to emerge product market

PowerPoint Presentation:

Major activities for November 20011 Print and video material production . Preparatory work for 4 Rural business fair. Work for Impact assessment. Field visit of EC delegate. Work for SP association and PG group registration Support to VW women VW association registration Linkage with Agro vet medicine and feed company Follow up scaling up activities Value chain finance Attend Share point and windows 2010 training

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