3. Rape victims in India

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Let us all work together to eradicate this sin, which has got shame to our nation.


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Top 10 reasons for Rape victims in India :

Top 10 reasons for Rape victims in India By R.Suresh Barnsley Chennai , India

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Top 10 Reasons :

Top 10 Reasons Cinema Alcohol Drugs Sexual Workers Sexual Education New Dressing Trends Unemployment More Money Careless Parents Punishment

Cinema :

Cinema People go by what they see .

Alcohol :

Alcohol When you drink alcohol, drinks control your mind.

Drugs :

Drugs When you take drugs , you completely don’t know what you are doing .

Sexual Workers :

Sexual Workers Sex workers today in India has become a fulltime job for many young girls in India

Lack of Sex Education :

Lack of Sex Education Sex education can bring awareness to people

Dresses Trends :

Dresses Trends Is this the dress code of our India Girls.

Money :

Money People think with money they can buy any thing, if they don’t get it they take it by force .

Unemployment :

Unemployment Unemployment leads to all kinds of Sexual crime

Parents :

Parents Today parents are more worried about their children's future but not know what they are doing today .

Punishment :

Punishment What is the judicial law for a rape victim in our country

11 reason :

11 reason I leave it to you friends , please bring more awareness to the public to stop this shame of our country …………………

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