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Symbolism of the song “12 Day’s of Christmas”:

Symbolism of the song “12 Day’s of Christmas” By: Charlie and Nick

Partridge in a Pear Tree:

Partridge in a Pear Tree Represents- Happiness

Two Turtle Doves:

Two Turtle Doves Represents- Peace

Three French hens:

Three French hens Represents- Resource in dark times

Four Calling birds:

Four Calling birds Represents- New beginning

Five Golden Rings:

Five Golden Rings Represents- Wealthiest

Six Geese A Laying:

Six Geese A Laying Represents- Rebirth

Seven Swans A Swimming:

Seven Swans A Swimming Represents- Joy in Life

Eight Maids A Milking :

Eight Maids A Milking Represents- Work Ethic

Nine Ladies Dancing:

Nine Ladies Dancing Represents- Rejoice and celebration

Ten Lords A Leaping :

Ten Lords A Leaping Represents- God giving us Gifts

Eleven Pipers Piping :

Eleven Pipers Piping Represents- Musical event

Twelve Drummers Drumming:

Twelve Drummers Drumming Represents- Army

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