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UNIT 2 What’s the matter?

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bald eye nose ear hand mustache leg foot / feet tongue arm beard belly stomach teeth People's Appearance

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【Extensive Words】 head, forehead, eyebrow, eye (eyelid, eyelash), nose (nostril), ear, face, mouth, lip, tooth, tongue, mustache, chin, beard neck, throat, shoulder, armpit, arm, elbow, wrist, hand (thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger), nail chest, stomach (belly), abdomen, back, waist, buttocks, leg (thigh, lap, knee, calf), ankle, foot, toe

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ache head headache back backache stomach stomachache tooth ear toothache earache

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sore arms sore arms legs sore legs throat sore throat muscles all over sore muscles sore all over

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【Task 2】 A: Hello, Ms. West. How are you today? B: I feel terrible. A: So, what’s the matter with you? B: I’m exhausted. A: Hmm. Why are you so tired? B: I just can’t sleep at night.

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A: OK. Let’s take a look at you. I give you some pills. Take one pill every night after dinner. B: OK. A: And you shouldn't drink coffee or tea. B: No coffee? A: No, and you should go to bed early. B: All right. Thanks, doctor.

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【Task 3】 A: Hi, can I help you? B: Yes, please. Could I have something for a cough? I think I’m getting a cold. A: Well, I suggest a box of these cough drops. And you should get a bottle of vitamin C, too. B: Thank you. And what do you have for dry skin? A: It’s a good idea to try some of this new lotion. It’s very good. B: OK. Thanks a lot. A: How much are they? B: $ 150.

Sentence patterns: : 

I’m not feeling well today. = I’m not quite myself. I’m sorry to hear that. That’s too bad You should / shouldn’t … (must / need / ought to / had better … ) That sounds like a good idea. Sentence patterns:

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That sounds like a good idea. That sounds great / interesting. That sounds like + n. That sounds + adj.

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on (the) one hand; on the other hand… 一方面……另一方面 On one hand, Jimmy is a good boy: he studies hard and he is good at sports; on the other hand, he is a little naughty: he plays jokes and sometimes doesn’t hand in homework on time.

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It’s important (for sb.) to do… It’s useful to do … It’s helpful to do… It’s a good idea to… It is important for you to sleep early today. It is helpful not to eat anything if you have a stomachache.

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e.g. What should you do for a cold? It’s important to get a lot of rest. It’s a good idea to take some Vitamin C. It’s useful to take one pill after each meal. It’s helpful to chop up some garlic and cook it.

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advice n. 建议,忠告(不可数名词) a piece of advice a bit of advice a word of advice some advice on your health / study

HELP! : 

I feel tired this term. I have too much homework and four main subjects to learn. My math is awful; my other subjects are also not very good. I do study hard, but my grade is still very bad. I’m afraid of study. I have too much pressure. I even want to give up…  HELP!

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I have a very talkative partner. He is very clever, but he always talks in class with his friends. And it distracts my attention. I want to have a quiet class, so I can learn well. What should I do? 

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I can’t lose weight. I really like beautiful clothes but they do usually not fit me. I want to be slim like other beautiful girls. But I’m too heavy now. My friends run away from me. What should I do? 

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I am a little bit shy. I want to answer questions in class, but I am afraid of being laughed at. Especially one time after I gave a wrong answer some naughty boys laughed at me. I know it’s not my fault. I do want to express my ideas, but those boys… 

Grandma Knows Best! : 

When you have a minor health problem, do you usually go to the doctor, get something from the drug store, or use a home remedy (治疗)? Grandma Knows Best!

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When people have a cold, a fever, or the flu, they usually go to the doctor for help, or they get some medicine from the drug store. But many people also use home remedies for common illnesses. Here are some simple home remedies. Grandma Knows Best!

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Bee stings (蛰) and insect (昆虫) bites Wash the sting or bite. Put some meat tenderizer (柔和剂) on a handkerchief and then put the handkerchief on the bite for half an hour. To avoid (避免) insect bites, it’s helpful to eat garlic (大蒜) or take garlic pills. Grandma Knows Best!

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Burns Put the burn under cold water or put a cold handkerchief (手绢) on it. Then apply (涂抹) aloe vera gel (芦荟汁) to the burn. It’s important not to put ice on the burn. Grandma Knows Best!

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Cold Lots of people eat hot chicken soup when they have a cold. They find it clears the head and the nose. Some people rub oil on their chest for a cold. Other people drink a mixture of red pepper, hot water, sugar, lemon juice, and milk or vinegar (醋). Grandma Knows Best!

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Cough Drink warm liquids or take some honey. Grandma Knows Best! Insomnia (失眠) Drink a large glass of warm milk. It’s also a good idea to soak (浸泡) in a warm bath.

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Headaches Apply an ice pack or cold cloth to your head, or splash (泼,溅) your face with cold water. It’s also a good idea to put your hands into hot water and leave them there for several minutes. Also, you shouldn’t read or watch TV. Grandma Knows Best!

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Do you use any of these remedies? What other home remedies do you use?

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burns bee stings and insect bites headaches cough insomnia colds

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