5 Tips For An Awesome Myanmar B2B Social Marketing Strategy


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Business to business enterprises (B2B) are often difficult to find the benefits of social media in their marketing strategy. Because of the market they tend to be smaller and more vertical than business to consumer (B2C) companies, which often do not see how the implementing of a solid social media marketing plan has the potential to help close new sales.


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5 Tips For An Awesome Myanmar B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy:

5 Tips For An Awesome Myanmar B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy Why LinkedIn is especially important for social media?

Know Your Goals:

What do you hope to achieve with your marketing efforts of social media? Do you want to grow your reputation and awareness of potential buyers? Whether you are looking to improve their marketing strategies and incoming leads? Do you want to grow and develop its relations with existing customers? Do you want to be seen as a thought leader? Plan what you want to achieve will help you determine if you are constantly on the right track . Know Your Goals

Asses Your Situation:

Good old SWOT factors play a great marketing plan in social networks, as they do in any traditional marketing plan. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Knowing this can help with the development of the strong items of marketing actions in social media that will lead your company in the right direction between the social channels . Asses Your Situation

Analyze Your Market:

As B2B companies, you probably already know your market and customers well enough. Use this information to determine if it fall on the social spectrum. Think about what time (and when) they spend online, and where they may be exposed to your marketing message . Social media is a great way to collect data and build an audience for your upcoming or established product, brand or service. You can integrate the results of a survey of social media in their analysis to obtain a more complete picture of how the public perceives your product, service or company. You can also monitor conversations about your brand or industry as a whole. You can use this data to make your business marketing strategy more effective business. Analyze Your Market

Become An Influencer:

Social media makes it possible to maintain its relevance to business prospects, define your brand and position the company as an Influencer and thought leader in your industry . Stay on top of the industry, by producing valuable content that will resonate with your audience and peers. Think about your social media channels as a pedestal for leadership. Lead the flock with content that is engaging and that matters to your target audience. Become An Influencer

Devise an Implementation Plan:

There are two important things to consider when designing your implementation strategy : What  - Develop a plan for quality content that delivers a clear message is critical. You know what you're going to say and how you say it. It should be noted that social media is a conversation tool, which may lead to a relationship with a potential buyer. What are you waiting to talk or share with potential buyers? Don't be salesy . Integration of management, industry news and other factors conversation in their social media posts . Where  - Which social media channels make their current and potential customers frequent? Go there. Remember that your customers are not some mysterious substance exists somewhere in your marketing funnel. These people, and many people are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social channels these days. Having a steady and strong presence in these areas can help you contact these people . Devise an Implementation Plan


LinkedIn is especially important social media for Myanmar B2B companies. Because LinkedIn is a business-oriented, which is populated with pre-qualified audience. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, "LinkedIn should be the focus of any B2B social marketing campaign, because the traffic passing through LinkedIn is much more highly qualified traffic that comes from Twitter or Facebook." The moral of this story is that if you are new to social media marketing, and you have a  Myanmar B2B company , LinkedIn is a great place to start .

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