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Are you looking for a new way to decorate your room, office, or workspace besides the conventional wall paint? Planning on putting up signs, graphics, and advertisements but your space isn’t just enough? Then, you might be interested in trying decoration wall and floor stickers.


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About Bade Newby Are you looking for a new way to decorate your room office or workspace besides the conventional wall paint Planning on putting up signs graphics and advertisements but your space isn’t just enough Then you might be interested in trying decoration wall and floor stickers. Applying wall and floor stickers are not as hard as it sounds. Here are some dos and don’ts that you need to remember when applying wall floor and window stickers:

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Dos  Select a perfect space for you to use a sticker - an empty wall needing a fresh look the floor entrance with a flat surface or the glass window of your store.  Take the measurements of the selected surface first and then find the right sticker size that fits.  Make sure the sticker is suitable for the type of surface where you want to install it.  Clean the selected surface you intend to apply a sticker to use a sponge and soap.  Draw guidelines for the position if possible to avoid mistakes in placing the sticker.  When the adhesive side is already removed then place the sticker as close as you can with the guidelines.

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Dos  Using a squeegee or a straight ruler start from the middle of the sticker and then outward to the edges in smoothing out and removing the air bubbles.  Dampen the paper backing of the sticker the one protecting the face of the sticker if you have trouble removing it.  You can clean the applied floor wall and window stickers with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals that may dissolve the plastic laminate of the sticker.  You can use a clear adherent to seal your decoration sticker to preserve it longer.

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Don’ ts  Don’t choose or avoid floor and wall surfaces with cracks or bumps.  Don’t place the edges of your sticker along with a tile edge and grout of floor joint.  Don’t put a sticker on a damp surface. Make sure the surface is dry before applying the sticker.  Don’t use glass and hard-surface cleaners when cleaning the windows for sticker application since it may prevent the sticker from adhering well.  Don’t push the squeegee or ruler too hard in smoothing out the air bubbles this may scratch the sticker itself.

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Don’ ts  Don’t apply the sticker to a freshly painted concrete floor/wall and those surfaces with the newly applied protective coating. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation or wait for a few weeks for it to be completely cured before putting the decoration sticker.  Don’t use a hairdryer after successful application of the sticker. This will only loosen the adhesive bond between the sticker and the surface. That’s it You can now start applying decoration stickers successfully on your own just by following these simple tips and tricks when using decoration stickers for your home makeover

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