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slide 2: CONTENTS ➢ What is Music Production ➢ Five stages of music producer Composition Arrangement Sound Design and Production Mixing Mastering ➢ What does a music producer need

slide 3: MUSIC PRODUCTION Music production is the process of recording arranging and manipulation of songs. A person who oversees the development of songs and its expenses is known as Music Producer. He is responsible for the critical part of the creative process. Since music production plays an important role in the quality of songs it can make or break the success of an album.

slide 4: 5 Stages of Music Producer

slide 5: Composition Composition stage is the process of generating musical ideas. This stage define a songs genre vibe and style. Creating your main melodic harmonic and rhythmic ideas at the beginning is crucial.

slide 6: Arrangement The art of building a piece of music using your musical ideas comes under this stage. This stage defines intro verses bridge choruses breakdowns and outro.

slide 7: Sound Design and Production The sound design stage involves synthesis sampling and sound manipulation using effects and production techniques. Sound design and production is the final stage before mixing.

slide 8: Mixing Mixing is the second last stage that involves combining multiple layers of audio to make one final track. It involves balancing levels panning sounds equalizing compressing harmonics enhancing fixing problems and adding various effects.

slide 9: Mastering Mastering is the final stage in the music production process. This stage involves equalization compression saturation stereo enhancement and limiting. It also ensures playback optimization across all speaker and media formats.

slide 10: DAW: Digital Audio Workstation Visual Studio Technology plug-ins/effects Samples What does a music producer need

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