Aadhya’s Day Care Game for Kids

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Live day with Aadhya also complete educational tasks & enjoy playing mini games.


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Aadhya’s Day care game for kids:

Designed & Developed By: Gameiva Aadhya’s Day care game for kids FREE GAME TO PLAY


INTRODUCTION Spend a day with baby Aadhya and help her to perform all the activities she does during the whole day. Start the day by ringing the alarm clock and then help her to perform various early morning activities like brushing teeth, giving a bath, dressing up and much more. While going to school, don't forget to cross the road only when there's a green light. At school help baby Aadhya to learn various colors, alphabet, numbers and names of different animals. There's also a mathematical view where you need to help Aadhya to perform various mathematical activities . After the long day Aadhya is tired, so help her to fall asleep.


features Start the day with refreshing morning activities Solve the puzzle Prepare a delicious pizza Play snake and ladder with her Draw a beautiful sketch Play various outdoor games with Aadhya Count the kitty and help her fall asleep






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