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Persuasion Techniques - Propaganda:

Persuasion Techniques - Propaganda Mrs. Parker – 7 th Grade


Propaganda Messages designed to persuade the intended audience to think/believe a certain way

Encountering Persuasion/Propaganda in Every Day Life:

Encountering Persuasion/Propaganda in Every Day Life Where do we see propaganda being used? People trying to convince others to believe in or try something Commercials, Billboards, Magazine Ads, Newspaper Ads, Etc.


BANDWAGON This is the everyone-else-is-doing-it-so-should-you-too technique . Advertisers try to play off people’s desire to fit in with those around them. Persuading people to do something by making them think everyone else is doing it.


Bandwagon Examples: Abercrombie blue jeans are worn by most teenagers. A credit card company claim millions of people use their card.

Bandwagon in Commercials:

Bandwagon in Commercials

Bandwagon Advertisements:

Bandwagon Advertisements


Testimonial This technique uses a celebrity or important public figure to promote their product, policy, or a political candidate with “testimonies” or stories of how wonderful the product or person is.


Testimonial Examples: Michael Jordan and Hanes An actor speaking at a political rally Jessica Simpson and P. Diddy in the Pro Active commercials. “Got Milk?” ads

Testimonial in Commercials:

Testimonial in Commercials

Testimonial in Advertisements:

Testimonial in Advertisements

Transfer Good feelings, looks, or ideas transferred to the person for whom the product is intended. For example, a company uses a pretty model to sell their product – sex appeal.:

Transfer Good feelings, looks, or ideas transferred to the person for whom the product is intended. For example, a company uses a pretty model to sell their product – sex appeal.

Transfer :

Transfer Examples: A magazine ad picturing a good-looking person drinking a Sprite A commercial with a muscular man/woman standing next to a workout machine. (Bow Flex commercials) A happy family on vacation at a Marriott Hotel.

Transfer in Commercials:

Transfer in Commercials

Emotional Appeal:

Emotional Appeal Words that make the audience feel strongly about something or someone. In short, advertisers use your emotions to sell their products.

Emotional Appeal (or Emotional Words):

Emotional Appeal (or Emotional Words) Including the following words in an advertisement – Positive: love, family, beautiful, delicious, luxury, economical Negative: pitiful, cold , hungry, lost This technique also works for ads such as “Feed the Children”

Emotional Appeal in Commercials:

Emotional Appeal in Commercials

Emotional Appeal in Advertisements:

Emotional Appeal in Advertisements

Snob Appeal:

Snob Appeal This technique involves making a claim that one should act or think a certain way because of the high social status associated with the action, thought, or product .

Snob Appeal:

Snob Appeal Examples: “John North’s Shoppe is only for the distinguished gentleman who seeks to be the top executive” a coffee manufacturer shows people dressed in formal gowns and tuxedos drinking their brand at an art gallery

Snob Appeal in Commercials:

Snob Appeal in Commercials

Plain Folks:

Plain Folks An attempt to convince the audience that the product or idea can be identified with the common people from everyday walks of life.

Plain Folks:

Plain Folks Examples: a cereal manufacturer shows an ordinary family sitting down to breakfast and enjoying their product “You should eat at Baby Jim’s because we have down home cookin’.”

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Plain Folks in Advertisements:

Plain Folks in Advertisements


Facts/Statistics Statistics are used to influence the audience to feel a certain way about the idea or product. What are statistics? True statements intended to persuade


Statistics Examples: The Truth commercials on MTV about cigarette smoking a car manufacturer quotes the amount of time it takes their car to get from 0 to 60 m.p.h

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Expert Opinion:

Expert Opinion The use of an expert (professional) to promote an idea or product

Expert Opinion:

Expert Opinion Examples: A dentist endorsing a certain brand of toothpaste A doctor promoting a certain medicine or medical product

Wit and humor:

Wit and humor Customers are attracted to products where they are diverted by clever use of visuals and/or language . Example: window cleaner showing birds tricking humans into crashing into a clean door

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Slide 33:

Repetition :

Repetition Repeating a word or phrase to emphasize the product - the repeated word does NOT have to be the name of the product itself.


Repetition Examples: Head-On commercial (headache pain reliever) “Ranch, Ranch, Ranch….” (commercial for Arby’s) “Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!” (Diarrhea medicine commercial) Target ads

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Compare and Contrast:

Compare and Contrast The viewer is led to believe one product/belief is better than another, although no real proof is offered. Comparing two products … toothpaste, cleaners, paper towels, trash bags, etc.

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Name-Calling Name-calling ties a person or cause to a largely perceived negative image . In a campaign speech to a logging company, the Congressman referred to his environmentally conscious opponent as a "tree hugger."

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Product placement:

Product placement Placing a product in a T.V. show or movie in hopes to sell that product. For example, you are watching a movie and everyone in that movie is drinking Coke products. Coke pays millions to get their brand in the movie. What are other examples?

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Why is it important to know about the different persuasive techniques for us, the audience, as consumers?

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