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Working in teams : 

Working in teams A team is a unit of two or more people who work together to achieve a goal. Team members share a mission and the responsibility for working to achieve it.

Communication in teams : 

Communication in teams Establishing a team Teams are established to perform a specific task or to perform on-going task that are an integral part of an organization’s operations Team members include managers, supervisors, workers and even customers

Importance of working in teams : 

Importance of working in teams A recent survey of Fortune Magazine of 1000 executives, 83% said their firms are working in teams or moving in that direction. Organizations working in team experience Highest improvement in performance Encourage creativity through participative management (Involving employees in company’s decision making)

Types of teams : 

Types of teams Formal Permanent Committees Plan strategy Review results Handle employee issues Informal Task Forces and Problem-Solving Teams Solve problems Work on specific activity Encourage employee participation

Types of team : 

Types of team Problem solving teams and task forces are assembled to resolve specific issues then disband when their goal has been accomplished Committee deals with regularly recurring tasks, it has a longer life span than problem solving team and with time may become a permanent part of the organization

Virtual Teams : 

Virtual Teams Virtual teams bring together geographically distant employees to interact, share information and accomplish goals Web-based collaboration offers many benefits, it is easy and cost effective

Advantages of working in teams : 

Advantages of working in teams By pooling in the resources of several individual, increased information and knowledge is brought to the decision making process Increased diversity of views Increased acceptance to a solution Higher performance level due to competition

Five phases of team decision : 

Five phases of team decision Orientation Socialize, define the purpose or task Conflict: begin the discussion facing disagreements and conflicts Brainstorming: air their viewpoints, pros and cons of each options are considered and team members settle on a single issue

5 phases : 

5 phases Emergence: team members come to a decision, consensus is reached. The team finds a solution acceptable to all members Reinforcement: the solution is summarized, members receive their assignments for carrying out the group’s decision, make arrangements for follow up

Characteristics of effective teams : 

Characteristics of effective teams Effective teams Have a clear sense of purpose Communicate openly and honestly Reach decision by consensus Think creatively Remain focused Resolve conflict effectively

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