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Celebrating our national day of non-violence


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It happens in Canada…:

It happens in Canada… In 2004 there were 546,000 sexual assaults in our country… www.wavaw.ca That number has been the same since 1999

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It happens in B.C…. 7600 women reported assault by a spouse in 2005 Less than 10% of assaults are reported… www.endingviolence.org

21% of women abused by a marital partner were assaulted during pregnancy :

21% of women abused by a marital partner were assaulted during pregnancy www.endingviolence.org Image by hubeRsen

It happens here…:

It happens here… Melissa Chatham was a part of the BCIT community The man who killed her was her boyfriend He will be released from jail in less than 3 years from now In 2008, at the age of 24, she was beaten to death in front of her attacker’s son http:// www.canada.com

On December 6, 1989…:

On December 6, 1989… Marc Lepine walked into his polytechnic university in Montreal with a rifle. He separated the men from the women. He stated he “hated feminist” before Shooting 27 women, 14 died. http://www.cbc.ca http://www.canada.com Marc was abused as a child.

On December 6 this year…:

On December 6 this year… Show your compassion and support With a white ribbon or rose We celebrate a national day of non-violence

Help is here…:

Help is here… Battered Women's Support Services Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) endingviolence Helpguide And even here… http://www.bcit.ca/counselling/

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By Brianna LePiane Original music by Tor Sjogren

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