BIMTECH BBSR is Now Bigger & Better - Birla Global University

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BIMTECH BBSR is the renowned Birla Global University, which is reaching new benchmarks and gracing the educational sphere with aplomb.


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BIMTECH BBSR is Now Bigger & Better - Birla Global University


BIMTECH Bhubaneswar, or BIMTECH BBSR, has been conferred the status of University. It is now Birla Global University after a recent change in name, and stands as a famous institution in the eastern part of India. The institution is recognized for its superior courses and sophisticated infrastructure. Find out what makes Birla Global University a top name in the world of education. Visit http :// for MBA Course Details.


Great Legacy The prestigious institution comes with the legacy of the B.K Birla Group, and is considered to be one of the most major MBA colleges in the eastern part of India. A sister concern of BIMTECH, located in Greater Noida, it was established in the year 1988. The college has a Board of Governors comprising of eminent personalities in the academic world who are at the helm of the affairs.


Good Infrastructure The campus of BBSR is a wonderful blend of state of the art resources and Eastern Indian architecture. The B-school comes with a wide range of infrastructure, resources and amenities, and the cutting-edge tools and equipment assist students in the completion of their academic journey.


Wide Range Of Courses It is an AITE approved institution that offers a wide range of vital courses. Students can even get the chance to enroll for one or more online courses that are offered by Birla Global University. The distance-learning courses can be very beneficial for people who are unable to visit the campus.


World-class Training Apart from classroom education, students can get guest lectures, assignments, presentations, summer internships and many other things. The institution offers many training practices, which are on a par with those of many eminent MBA colleges from various other parts of the globe. The classrooms comprise of advanced equipments and technology, which ensures smooth learning process. Students can get a type of training that is as effective as those received by their counterparts from foreign nations.


Tranquil Ambience The amazing infrastructure of the institute is complemented by the aesthetic appeal and sophisticated resources. The huge buildings situated amidst nature lets students get their training and education in a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.


Good Library The library of Birla Global University is a wonderful source of knowledge, and comprises of many valuable academic material and books that can be used as wonderful sources of reference. These can be used for improving the knowledge of students. The full residential campus comes with the benefit of Wi-Fi facility for students.


Good Employment Opportunities A top name in the world of business, Birla Global University attracts a lot of recruiters from some of the biggest organizations and companies from across the state of Odisha as well as from all over India. Recruiters like to screen and choose students for key management posts in their organizations from this institute.


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