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Provides easy to understand details about residential solar energy implementation for prospective homeowners.


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The Rise of Solar Magic : 

The Rise of Solar Magic A Presentation of MGI

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Cells Modules Array Tilt/South/Sun Light (photons) Freed electrons silicon atoms in a chemical reaction involving semiconductors Photovoltaic Magic

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Electric Bill Savings : 

Electric Bill Savings Grid-Tie = Bi-Directional Next Month Credits

Solar Thermal Solutions : 

Solar Thermal Solutions No Electricity Sun Warms 25% Average savings

Why is Solar critical to Governments? : 

Why is Solar critical to Governments? Promotes Energy Independence High-Tech Jobs Reduces Pollution

Government Incentives : 

Government Incentives Net Metering Federal Income tax Credit 30% Utility Incentives More in the works

$ave ! : 

$ave ! Pays for itself in time +6.4% utility rate increase annually Income producing asset! 2016 Grid Parity (DOE) Taxes Property, Sales, Income Tax Roll Over!

Hurricanes : 

Hurricanes Wind Calcs Homeowner’s Ins Batteries Emergency Generator = No Payback Thermal systems

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Mounting 25 Year/40 Year! Shade Maintenance HOA Financing

Identify Your Limitations : 

Identify Your Limitations Sizing Systems – Motive? Habits No A/C Thermal Sunny Space Budget

Installer? : 

Installer? Electric Contractor Solar Contractor FSEC or MyFlorida Roofing Contractor General Contractor No D.I.Y. MGI HAS ALL OF THESE LICENSES!

Why MGI? : 

Why MGI? Fully Licensed Custom Roof Mounts! We impress experts! Monocrystalline Options

Advantages : 

Advantages Environment Reliable investment Less effected by rate hikes Responsible Move Little/no maintenance Low operating costs Locally used Grid Feed 30+ years Renewable Fuel Personal Independence Set an example re-sale value incentives Prices would have to drop at least 30% to=today’s savings! TAX breaks American Economy

Thank You for your Interest in renewable energy! : 

Thank You for your Interest in renewable energy! MGI Commission Based Sales Opportunities Available!

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