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synApps love, vme, ebrick modules: 

synApps love, vme, ebrick modules EPICS Collaboration Meeting – Beamline Controls SIG Workshop David Kline June 12–16, 2006


Topics Synopsis of love, vme, EPICS brick (ebrick) Module directories Collaborative effort, list of some contributors: Kurt Götze David Kline Tim Mooney Mark Rivers Marty Smith Ron Sluiter Responsibilities… Develop enhancements Support, modifications, fault fixes Coordinating and organizing releases (efforts from others)

Module directories: 

Module directories Source code – record, device / driver support, libraries EPICS databases iocBoot Startup scripts Autosave request files MEDM display files Commissioning and operating Documentation For users and developers (IO map, manuals, PV naming) How to build, configure, and deploy the software Examples

love module: 

love module Love controller, Instrument to measure voltage, current, pressure, or temperature Support models 1600 and 16A Communication is through 2-wire RS485 Works in VME and Linux environments (laptop, desktop, ebrick) Only readback device Support Asyn interfaces implemented asynInt32 - ai, ao, longin asynUint32Digital – bi, bo, longin, longout, mbbi, mbbo Standalone application is available IP-Octal RS232 and RS485 modules can be used MEDM screens for commissioning, diagnostics, operations Current release B3-2-3 (late summer) Documentation 1600 and 16A information, wiring diagrams, presentations

love module – hardware configuration (RS485): 

love module – hardware configuration (RS485) Love Controller Model 16001 SBS XM-Octal-IO Love Controller Model 16A2 Love Controller Model 1600n-1 Love Controller Model 1600n B(+) A(-) SBS 626 (TVME200) IP-OCTAL

love module - MEDM screens: 

love module - MEDM screens Hidden menu Primary / operation

vme module: 

vme module vme module Current release R2-4-2 Record support vmeRecord Provides run-time access to VME bus (supported/unsupported) Test and evaluate new hardware Device support Acromag 9440 16-bit digital input/output Acromag 9210 8 channel analog output (12-bit) APS bunch-clock generator Generic A32 VME interface Heidenhain IK320 encoder/interpolator HP 10895A Laser interferometer

vme module – supported hardware: 

vme module – supported hardware Device support, cont… Joerger scaler APS machine-status link (MRD100) Varoc SSI encoder VMI4116 16-bit D/A Driver support for VME hardware Avme9210 Heidenhain IK320 encoder/interpolator Varoc SSI encoder vmeTest application Written by Frank Lenkszus Menu driven, setup VME transactions Interaction at the iocsh

vme module – MEDM screens: 

vme module – MEDM screens MEDM screens Acromag module Bunch clock generator IK320 Machine status link HP 10895A vme Record

ebrick module: 

ebrick module Newer module, available by request, synApps 5.2 Low-cost IOC, PC104, soft real-time, localized control Hardware support Diamond Systems (DSC) Athena Pentium III Eden processor, 660Mhz, 128MB 16 ADC @ 16bits, 4 DAC @ 12bits (-10V..10V) 24 digital IO bits, watchdog timer, 4 USB, IDE, 4 Serial, printer, VGA, mouse, keyboard, 10/100 Ethernet DSC Ruby-MM-416, 4 DAC @ 16bits, 24 digital IO bits DSC Emerald-MM-8P, 8 RS-232/422/485 ports DSC Onyx-MM, 48 digital IO bits DSC Pearl-MM, 16 output relays Sensoray Model 518 Smart A/D, 8 channel sensor

ebrick module - support: 

ebrick module - support Hardware support, cont.. OMS PC68/78 Motion Controller MDrive, Love controllers (RS485 converter) XIA Huber slits Kohzu monochromater White beam slits Generic Digital IO (Scaler) Mass media: 40GB HDD / 2GB CF Standalone unit (no purple) or rack mountable

ebrick module - support: 

ebrick module - support Software, Vector Linux STD 5.1, Slackware based Development tools, editors, CVS, TkCVS, X11, XDMCP, IceWM, NFS EPICS base 3.14.7, synApps 5.1, Probe, MEDM, IOC directories, databases Asyn-based driver support for hardware Digital IO asynUInt32digital – bi, bo, mbbi, mbbo A/D and D/A asynInt32, asynFloat64 – ai, ao, longin, longout MEDM screens Screen application (iocsh attach)

ebrick module – MEDM screens: 

ebrick module – MEDM screens

Beamline Controls SIG Workshop: 

Beamline Controls SIG Workshop Thank You

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