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1. He decided to never again loan money to a person who ain’t got no security. 2. I will always choose the piece of cake that has the least calories. 3. That was the exact person who I was thinking about. 4. If I was able to drive slower, perhaps I might could avoid getting speeding tickets. 5. She done all the work, but he don’t appreciate it.


6. These here books are different than them there books. 7. Dey about ready to study dey book. 8. Is this John book or yourn? 9. He drunk the most fastest of anybody there. 10. She been dancin all night.


11. We was answering as good as anybody else. 12. He hurt hisself yesterday when he jump off the roof. 13. He was open a bottle of wine while him and me was called over the loudspeaker. 14. Dose two boy very tin. 15. I done been finished before anyone knew it was me.


16. Wasn’t it the magnificentest movie youall had ever seen? 17. She had learn to answer 'No' irregardless of the question. He thought the boid be purty. He bought a SHOWance policy from the POlice academy. 20. Dey a lot of eviDENCE that everyone forgot dey homework.


Can I go to the bafroom? The reason he a rat fink is because he only done half of his homework. My work finished, but I used to could finish it faster. I going to school early because I’m disinterested in staying home. We divided the cake between all five of us, just like Paul do. 26. Walking briskly to school, the hospital suddenly came into view.


!CONTRADICTIONS TO EXPLAIN ======================================================= 1. Don’t use no double negatives. 2. Make each pronoun agree with their antecedent. 3. Verbs has to agree with their subjects. 4. Don’t write run-on sentences they are hard to read. 5. Don’t use commas, that aren’t necessary.


!! Try to not ever split infinitives. 7. A preposition is something which you should never end a sentence with. 8. Correct spelling is esential. 9. Proofread your essay to see if any words are left.


!!! Sign on an office door: 'DEPARTMENT OF REDUNDANCY DEPARTMENT.'


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