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Patrol Base Operations


Overview Define Purpose Site selection Planning considerations Occupation Operate

Define a Patrol Base : 

Define a Patrol Base A position established when a patrol halts for an extended period of time A position not occupied for more than a 24-hour period A position never occupied twice

Patrol Base Purpose: 

Patrol Base Purpose Avoid detection Hide a patrol Maintain weapons and equipment, prepare food and rest after extended movement Plan and issue orders To use as base from which to conduct consecutive or concurrent operations

Patrol Base Site Selection: 

Patrol Base Site Selection Maps Aerial reconnaissance Aerial photos Prior knowledge of area

Site Selection (cont): 

Site Selection (cont) A patrol base location selected by map or aerial recon, aerial photographs or prior knowledge is tentative It’s suitability must be confirmed and it must be secured before occupation Patrol base plans must include an alternate location, a rendezvous point, and a rally point Near Water source

Patrol Base Planning Consideration: 

Patrol Base Planning Consideration Mission accomplishment Security Measures Leader Planning

Mission Accomplishment: 

Mission Accomplishment Located so it allows the unit to accomplish its mission

Security Measures : 

Security Measures Passive Active

Passive Security Measures: 

Passive Security Measures Terrain of little tactical value Difficult terrain that would impede movement Area of dense vegetation Area remote from human habitation Avoid known or suspected enemy positions Avoid built up areas Avoid hilltops or topographic crests Avoid roads, trails, steep slopes and small valleys

Active Security Measures: 

Active Security Measures LP/OPs Commo with LP/OPs Defense of patrol base Withdrawal routes Alert plans Early warning devices Camouflage, noise & light discipline Minimum movement within patrol base

Patrol Base Occupation: 

Patrol Base Occupation Reconnaissance Same procedures as ORP Patrol enters at 90-degree turn


Security Halt

Leaders Recon: 

Leaders Recon

Leaders Recon: 

Leaders Recon 90-DEGREE TURN

Clearing Site: 

Clearing Site 9 o’clock 3 o’clock 12 o’clock 6 o’clock

Leaders Recon Returns: 

Leaders Recon Returns 90-DEGREE TURN

Patrol Base Occupation: 

Patrol Base Occupation Upon completion of the Leader’s Recon and link up with main element the Platoon prepares to occupy the Patrol Base


Occupation Move 90-degrees off line of march Enter patrol base in single file Set up LP/OP Camouflage tracks


Occupy 90-DEGREE TURN 1ST SQD 2ND SQD 3RD SQD 2 o’clock 6 o’clock 10 o’clock


Establish Begins after SLLS Report to higher Adjustment of perimeter Assemble R&S team(s) Launch R&S teams Confirm site Establish sectors/range cards

Establish (cont.) : 

Establish (cont.) After sectors are defined Security Alert plan Withdrawal plan Water resupply

R&S Deployment: 

R&S Deployment

Priorities of Work: 

Priorities of Work Security Withdrawal Plan Communications Mission Prep Weapons and Equip. Maintenance Water Re-Supply Mess plan Rest plan Alert Plan Re-Supply Sanitation and Personal Hygiene


Security Passive and Active Measures Re-Adjust perimeter as needed Use terrain Assign sectors of fire Confirm location and cammo of fighting positions Designate one entry and exit point.


- Draw your unit sector or EA - Draw main terrain features in sector(s) and range to each 3 Draw subunit positions 4 Draw subunit primary and secondary sectors of fire 5 Draw weapon positions with primary sectors of fire for each 6 Draw MEL for each weapon/ ammo 7 Draw machine gun/cannon final protective lines or principal direction of fire 8 Draw location of CP/OP 9 Draw TRPs and RPs in sector

Priorities of Work (cont): 

Priorities of Work (cont) Withdrawal Plan Communications Mission Prep Weapons and Equip. Maintenance Water Re-Supply Mess plan Rest plan Alert Plan Re-Supply Sanitation and Personal Hygiene

Key Points to Monitor: 

Key Points to Monitor Exit/entrance Noisy tasks Movement Civilians Manning of OP

Future Operations: 

Future Operations Plans for future operations Plan for method of departure

Forward Operating Base: 

Forward Operating Base FOB vs. Patrol Base





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