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And Namibia!!! Rugby world cup 2011


FACT’S Believe it or not Namibia speak english The capital city of Namibia is Windhoek

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They lost there first game against Fiji in 2011. MORE FACTS.

History of R.W.C. 2011:

History of R.W.C. 2011 R.W.C. started in 1987. New Zealand won the first ever R.W.C.

Why is N.Z good to host RWC 2011:

NZ Why is N.Z good to host RWC 2011 Because we have good stadiums. We are passionate about rugby. N.Z is a nice country for rugby fans to visit. N.Z has good weather.

Facts about Palmerston North:

Facts about Palmerston North 2 RWC games are going to be played there. Manawatu It is near a major airport (wellington) The people are friendly and love rugby. There are places to stay FACTS ABOUT PALMY


FACTS from GLEN GLEN started his career with wangaunui. He had 19 tests for the ALL BLACKS. The hardest team he played against was SOUTH AFRICA. HIS job now is a tv presenter.

BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!:

BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!!! Namibia’s last R.W.C game is on the Monday the 26 th September. BRING IT ON WALES

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