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“...customers now take the basics for granted and increasingly want a company to desire to help them [and] to treat them in a personal, caring way.”

Service Blueprinting:

Service Blueprinting Blueprinting is a service design methodology for "systematically managing the customer experience" and "promotes a conscious decision on what consumers see and which employees should be in contact at each moment of truth“ It is a design methodology for services that have an interface with an actual customer through technology or interpersonal interactions, but doesn't seem appropriate for purely computational services Appropriate for services that are "dynamic, unfolding over time through a sequence or constellation of events and steps“ Allows firms to visualize their service processes, points of customer contact, and the physical evidence associated with their services from their customers' perspective

Methodologies :

Methodologies A methodology's process describes the work to be done and the order in which it is to be done Many methodologies prescribe a Sequential process -- the "waterfall” model Other methodologies are more iterative or recursive -- like the "spiral” model of progressive refinement or "agile" modeling Other methodologies are loose about the modeling activities but emphasize the results that must be obtained at each step or phase


Methodologies A methodology can contain or define: Meta-models Processes / Activities / Steps Notations Tools and how these are applied or fit together to produce: Artifacts


Necessity "Firms can no longer completely rely on creating superior value through their core products“ "They must move into the realm of customer experience management, creating long-term, emotional bonds with their customers through the co-creation of memorable experiences“ ...not only in consumer markets, but also in business-to-business contexts where research shows meaningful customer experiences and the resulting emotional bonds between customers and suppliers are more important than rational motivations for creating customer loyalty"



The Service Encounter / Moments of Truth:

The Service Encounter / Moments of Truth Time when the customer and organisation come together. MOT is influenced by three main factors: Concern Friendliness civility Encounters can take place face-to-face in a "service setting," over the phone, through the mail, or over the Internet

Why Service Encounters Matter:

Why Service Encounters Matter Opportunity to satisfy customers Create customer loyality Retain customers Maintain brand follower

Designing the "Touch Points" and "Moments of Truth":

Designing the "Touch Points" and "Moments of Truth" Acc. To Donald Converse to build up a MOT marketers can use a simple 5 step process: Identify & prioritize each customer episode or contact Develop alternative customer responses Decide which response will delight the customer Create a service standard to ensure basic customer satisfaction Measure customer satisfaction on each MOT



Blueprinting Methodology: Activities:

Blueprinting Methodology: Activities Identify customer types For each customer, specify customer actions Specify the "contact employees" and their activities Add links that connect the customer to contact employee activities and to needed support functions Add physical evidence





A Service Blueprint of :

A Service Blueprint of






KEY PHYSICAL ELEMENTS DECORUM : Granite Countertops & Wood Floors Reflects the price range of services Classic/Bronze Art Emanates Traditional Vibe; appeals to many Comfortable/chic furniture Comfortable & High Class/Movie Star (Makeup) Elaborate Bouquets/Plants Adds flair and color Stone tiling in spa areas Nature theme; hot springs; revitalization Odd Shaped Mirrors Bold shapes add style

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LIGHTING : Very Dim in Spa Waiting Area (Fireplace): Relaxing Comfortable & cozy Not focused on imperfections Bright in Salon Area: Sunlit Room with many mirrors—very natural Allows Clients to see true dye colors Reveals how makeup will look in natural light EMPLOYEE APPEARANCE: Stylish Appearance; No Jeans Hair/Makeup/Nails

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MUSIC : Spa Area: Water falls, slow melodies, nature sounds Calming effect Slows breathing May induce sleep Salon Area: Radio Station: STAR 101.5 Upbeat rhythms; Appeals to many SCENT : Aromatherapy Candles Per Clients Request Induced feelings depend on aroma Common Aromas: Lavender : to Sooth, Calm & Relax Chamomile: to Sooth, Calm & Relax Lemongrass/Citronella : Stress-Reliever Eucalyptus/Peppermint : Relieves Congestion

Wasim Shah:

Wasim Shah


POTENTIAL FAILPOINTS 1. Front desk greetings 2. Wait time and Reception area 3. Adequate consultation 4. Cut, Color, and Style 5. Thank customers & remind them to come back 6. Bill accuracy




SOLUTIONS 1. Front desk greetings: Require Smile, polite demeanor & courteous script 2. Wait time and Reception area: Keep on schedule for all appointments 3. Adequate consultation: Give personal attention to each customer 4. Cut, Color, and Style: Make sure to ask customers exactly what they want & do not rush 5. Thank customers & remind them to come back: Don’t skip this step!—promotes customer loyalty 6. Bill accuracy: Check payment twice for accuracy


ADVANTAGES OF BLUEPRINT Marketing: Helps to identify key areas for marketing campaign ads Visually determine if a redesign is necessary Human Resource Management: Identify fail points & correct these accordingly Determine hiring/firing needs How to delegate jobs/resources Operations: Maps out visual flow of service operations Determine how a redesign would affect flow



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