Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery in India

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A mitral valve replacement surgery is a major type of cardiac surgery and requires extensive planning and strategy to make it successful and satisfactory.


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A mitral valve replacement surgery is used to substitute a malfunctioning heart valve with an artificial prosthetic implant . This valve replacement surgery may be performed using conventional open-heart surgery method or the more modern minimally invasive surgical methods. Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery?


Biological Valves   Mechanical Valves   Types of Mitral Valves


Biological Heart Valves are made of tissues and valves derived from animals or human donors. Their biggest advantage is that they do not cause blood clotting on their surface and truly replicate the form and function of the normal human valve. The biological heart valve you see in the following picture is a pig valve mounted on a frame and suture ring to facilitate its implant in our heart patients. Biological Valves  


Mechanical Valves   Mechanical Heart Valves can be simply described as a steel alloy ring with an outer cloth suture ring and two half moon shaped leaflets hinged inside it.The leaflets open and close pretty much like window shutters. All the mechanical heart valve components are coated with pyrolytic carbon. This compound decreases the chance of blood clotting on the valve surface, it is very hard, it does not wear out and guarantees a virtually unlimited duration of the valve in ideal conditions.


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