10 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease

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Kidney disease is one of the most deadly silent killers. People often are not aware they have a problem until it becomes critical. It is important to take a look on the signs of kidney disease. Read more: https://travcure.com/patients-guide-to-kidney-dialysis-treatment/


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10 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease:

10 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease By – Travcure Medical Tourism

Swelling in the Body:

Swelling in the Body It’s the kidneys’ job to remove waste and extra liquid from the body. When this does not happen, the extra fluid and water buildup causes swelling.

2. Severe Fatigue and Weakness:

2. Severe Fatigue and Weakness You may feel tired, exhausted or generally lack energy without any known reason.

3. Dizziness:

3. Dizziness If kidney disease causes anemia, you may suffer from frequent dizziness, which is a feeling of light-headedness, unsteadiness or loss of balance.

Unexplained Back Pain:

Unexplained Back Pain Unexplained aches and pains in the back as well as sides of your abdomen can be symptoms of undiagnosed kidney disease or kidney infections.

Skin Breakouts and Itching:

Skin Breakouts and Itching Sudden skin breakouts, rashes, irritation and excessive itching are also symptoms of some types of kidney conditions.

Ammonia Breath:

Ammonia Breath Kidney disease can also cause a metallic taste in the mouth or ammonia breath.

Nausea or Vomiting:

Nausea or Vomiting Nausea, vomiting and poor appetite are very common gastrointestinal symptoms among people suffering from kidney disease.

Feeling Cold Most of the Time:

Feeling Cold Most of the Time You may feel cold without any known reason, even when in a warm environment.

Shortness of Breath:

Shortness of Breath Shortness of breath can also be a sign of kidney disease. Improper kidney functioning leads to extra fluid buildup in the lungs.


Treatment Options for Kidney Disease Dialysis Kidney Transplant Medication

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