The success and fall of the Roman Empire

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The Success and Fall of The Roman Empire :

The Success and Fall of The Roman Empire By Alejandra Perez

Content Standards and 21st century skills :

Content Standards and 21 st century skills Content Standards 7.1 Students analyze the causes and effects of the vast expansion and ultimate disintegration of the Roman Empire. 1. Study the early strengths and lasting contributions of Rome (e.g., significance of Roman citizenship; rights under Roman law; Roman art, architecture, engineering, and philosophy; preservation and transmission of Christianity) and its ultimate internal weaknesses (e.g., rise of autonomous military powers within the empire, undermining of citizenship by the growth of corruption and slavery, lack of education, and distribution of news). 2. Discuss the geographic borders of the empire at its height and the factors that threatened its territorial cohesion. 3. Describe the establishment by Constantine of the new capital in Constantinople and the development of the Byzantine Empire, with an emphasis on the consequences of the development of two distinct European civilizations, Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic, and their two distinct views on church-state relations. 21 st Century Skills Media Literacy – Students will understand and create media projects Communication and collaboration – Students will communicate adequately and work well with other students. Information Literacy – Access and Evaluate information, use and manage information.

Learning Objectives & Assessments :

Learning Objectives & Assessments Learning Objectives : Students will describe different developments/strengths of the Roman Empire by creating a 5 picture catalog. Students will explain who Constantine was by creating a character trait poster. Students will recognize what brought the fall of the empire by creating a cause and effect group poster. Assessments: Students will be assessed by analyzing the pictures they have chosen and the descriptions they have given each picture. Discussion of such pictures should include how any of the developments are used today. Students will determine the importance of Constantine and his new capital by writing a journal entry on the character trait poster they have created. Students will successfully present group poster of cause and effects of the fall of the Roman Empire.

Teaching/Learning activities :

T eaching/Learning activities In order for students to determine the vast contributions of Roman Empire, students will read about the subject, watch one video and create a 5 picture catalog of what they believe were the 5 most important strengths of the Roman Empire. Students will play online the “Emperor of Rome” game. This game allows them to develop their own emperor who could best rule Rome. Students will then watch a presentation on Constantine, read about Constantinople and create a character trait poster individually.

Why I chose this topic? :

Why I chose this topic? I chose this topic because I believe it is interesting for students to learn about historical figures and events that have made and left a strong impact in the world. The Roman Empire was the creator and development of many architectural developments that still exist today. This empire also founded basic laws and citizenship rules that in some form are still in place. Many structures built during the time of the Roman Empire can still be visited today, and I hope that learning about these places will encourage students to one day travel and experience the wonder of these places.

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