60 Actions and Goals to Reward Employees For


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We've researched the most popular actions and goals that our clients reward their employees for. Use these 60 actions and goals as inspiration for starting a new incentive program at your company or adding new ideas for rewarding employees in your company's existing program.


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60 Actions and Goals to Reward Employees For:

60 Actions and Goals to Reward Employees For

Attendance Actions:

Attendance Actions Perfect attendance Meeting attendance Hours worked Shift coverage Volunteering / Community service

Education and On-boarding Actions:

Education and On-boarding Actions New hire surveys / feedback Employee referrals Bright ideas / Suggestions for company improvement Obtaining industry related licenses Completion of training Seminar / Conference attendance Presenting at a speaking event

Employee or Team Achievements:

Employee or Team Achievements Employee (or Team) of the week Employee (or Team) of the month Employee (or Team) of the quarter Employee (or Team) of the year

Length of Service Achievements:

Length of Service Achievements Service milestones ( 5, 10, 15, etc. years ) Yearly anniversaries ( 1,2,3,4,6,7, etc. years ) Retirement

Performance Goals:

Performance Goals Positive customer service reviews Award for excellence Positive annual evaluations Increased productivity

Safety Goals:

Safety Goals Company-wide time frame without accident Safe driving award Caught being safe (On the Spot) Safety suggestions Passing safety inspections No accidents Reporting safety concerns Leading group stretches Submitting a safety poster Good housekeeping Obtaining safety certifications

Sales Goals:

Sales Goals Obtaining new customers Meeting sales quotas Increase new product sales Sales contest winner Achieve specified percent of YOY sales growth

Social Recognition:

Social Recognition Peer reviews Manager reviews Thank you's Above & beyond Going the extra mile Demonstrate core values

Special Occasions:

Special Occasions Birthdays Holidays New Baby Wedding Company milestones (such as 50 years in business) Employee Appreciation Day

Wellness Actions:

Wellness Actions Health screenings completed Semi-annual dental visits Receiving yearly flu shots Vision exams Race participation Program enrollment completion Signing up for a gym membership Smoking cessation Blood donation

Find more details on our blog: http://blog.awardsnetwork.com/60-actions-and-goals-to-reward-employees-for Get in touch or find us online! recognition@awardsnetwork.com www.awardsnetwork.com :

Find more details on our blog: http:// blog.awardsnetwork.com/60-actions-and-goals-to-reward-employees-for Get in touch or find us online! recognition@awardsnetwork.com www.awardsnetwork.com

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