Some common misconceptions about AAC

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Some common misconceptions about AAC:

Some common misconceptions about AAC Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)is the name given to devices and apps that can help non-verbal children with cerebral, autism, mental retardation, Downs syndrome and other disabilities to communicate. While AAC aids are used extensively in countries outside India, there are many myths and misconceptions about AAC in the Indian market.

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Some parents are hesitant to opt for Communication device thinking it would prohibit their children's natural speech. Research has shown that using an Assistive communication aid actually assists the process, instead of inhibiting it. Communication device would prohibit natural speech

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Some parents and teachers think that it is too early for their young one to get started with AAC. But that is just not the truth. Thirty years of use cases of Assistive communication technology have clearly shown that the earlier the intervention, the greater the likelihood of success. We have seen stellar successes in AAC intervention with kids as young as 2. Too early to get started with AAC

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Some parents and teachers believe that their children do not have cognitive ability to read or write. This is false in majority of cases - no child is too intellectually impaired or autistic to read or write. And it is certainly the wrong attitude to not even try. Children’s cognitive ability is less Many children with autism can access reading materials and education, so long as it is in a format that they can easily access.

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The saddest myth in many countries today is that they feel investing in education and AAC is ultimately pointless and that their children would never be able to join the mainstream society. Though this may be true now, it is going to be comprehensively false in another twenty years. Investing in AAC is pointless The real question is: when opportunities in society do arise, will your child be prepared? – The only way is to invest in education and AAC now.

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Last but not the least, many parents assume that “AAC aids aren't good enough to replace natural speech – so my kid shouldn't use it.” It’s true that language and speech are two of the most complex functions of the brain, and it will be a long time before we can perfectly replicate them in computers. AAC aids aren’t good enough to replace natural speech But the pace of research and development in this space has never been faster, and with the iPad and other tablets becoming so common in autism intervention, the number of people working on the problems increases every day.

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The biggest mistake is to withhold something useful, just because of a myth or a misconception. Avaz is an AAC iPad app for children with Autism to develop language and communication. To read more about AAC myths, please visit our blog: Conclusion

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