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Autism – Facts :

Autism – Facts


Introduction Autism is a developmental disorder that is generally identified when a child is three years old. Though there are a lot of things that we are still not sure about autism, here are the common facts. If you are an anxious parent or a guardian, you may have to know these general facts about autism which would help you understanding your kid better.

Growth rate is high:

Growth rate is high Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in United States. It is growing at a rate of 14% around the globe.

Autism Diagnosis:

Autism Diagnosis Autism diagnosis is done through behavioral observation and screening and it does not involve any blood tests or scanning.

Cure for Autism:

Cure for Autism Apparently there is no cure for autism. Yet early diagnosis and early intervention helps in developing the child’s communication and social behavior.

Autism occurs more in male children:

Autism occurs more in male children Autism occurs comparatively more in male children. It is more common than childhood diabetes, cancer or AIDS.

Unusual skills in autism children:

Unusual skills in autism children Children with Autism have a great deal to offer to the world. There are many cases where children with autism seem to exhibit unusual skills.


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