Improve your driving experience with our ECU tuning service


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Your car’s ECU can be tuned or reprogrammed to improve various functions of the vehicle and its performance. Take a look at some of the main improvements that ECU tuning can make to your vehicle.


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Improve your driving experience with our ECU tuning service In this increasingly digital age the computer chip is king. For those of you who’ve read our previous  posts on the various functions of the ECU you’ll know the important role it plays in the operation of  the modern motor vehicle. From controlling ABS to turbo boosters and central locking the ECU is  the heart of your vehicle. Interestingly this can also be tuned or reprogrammed to improve various  functions of the vehicle and its performance.  Here we take a look at some of the main improvements that ​ECU tuning​ can make to your vehicle.  Improved fuel efficiency  Because the ECU chip is situated in the injection system and controls the levels of fuel and air that  mix it can easily be reprogrammed to change this ratio thus changing the performance of the car.  One benefit of this can be improved fuel efficiency.  If the power and torque increases associated with re-tuning are in place then this can lead to a  change in driving style: for example spending less time in lower gears and needing to accelerate for  less time. With more power the temptation is for drivers to drive the car for fun not economy so  those gains can easily be lost

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Speed and performance  The main benefit comes in the form of increased power. When the default software on the ECU is  changed the fuel mapping can be changed to increase speed boost. When the factory turbo is  increased – i.e. the amount of air in the cylinder is increased – more fuel can be added and burned  resulting in more power.  At Autotronics all our ECU tuning solutions strictly complies with the factory safety margins  specified by the manufacturers so you can be certain that our remapping won’t affect the rest of  components of your car: cylinders brakes suspension system etc.  Money saving  Ultimately remapping the engine of your car can save you money. After the initial cost of the  procedure the increased fuel efficiency and changes to the way you drive should result in a lower  fuel bill. This is especially important if we take into account the current fuel prices whether your car  uses petrol or diesel.  At Autotronics we can offer you customised ​ECU tuning alternatives​ to achieve any of the above  improvements or a combination of them. So don’t hesitate to contact our experts to discuss your  specific needs they will surely give you the best technical advice and professional guidance.

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