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Sprinkler Irrigation is the technique used to irrigate crops, all types of gardens, landscaping, and fields. Have a look at the PDF presenting Sprinkler Irrigation System and its some of the best products.


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www.automatworld.in Page 1 SPRINKLE IRRIGATION SYSTEM Sprinkler System is used for Irrigation and is very popular nowadays. Sprinkler irrigation is a technique to work under high pressure of water with the help of a pump. The water is sprayed in the air and falls on the ground surface. Nozzles are fit into the spray. Sprinklers are used in all types of Gardens Landscaping and field coverage for small to large blocks of land. SPRINKLERS IRRIGATION SYSTEM and its Types 1. Hand-Held Sprinklers: It is made up of aluminium pipe and will connect to the water source and move it around to irrigate your farm.

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www.automatworld.in Page 2 2. SOLID SET SPRINKLERS: This system is very easy to operate. The pipes cover the entire area to be watered. Solid Set Sprinkler can hinder some garden operations such as Harvesting Cultivating and Spraying 3. Hand-Held Rain Guns: This system is similar to the low-volume sprinklers with a single or two high- volume large gun sprinklers.

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www.automatworld.in Page 3 4. Centre Pivots: It is a moving Irrigation system in which the water is sprinkled along the length of the system pipes. Mostly this system is suitable for gardens with single crops such as vegetables or Fruits. 5. Travelling Big Gun Sprinklers: This system is a part of a big gun sprinkler that is fixed on a wheeled truck and linked with a plastic hose pipe on a reel. The large area of farms using this system. It also irrigates the whole farm with minimal manual labour.

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