Add Date and Timestamp, Custom Signature and GPS Stamp on Photos

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Auto Stamper is the #1 Rated Camera Application in Android and iPhone for Photography to Stamp Pictures with Date and Time, Custom Signature and GPS Stamp


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Auto Stamper: Timestamp Camera App for Photos Date Timestamp Signature Text GPS and Logo Stamp on Photo by INBUILT CAMERA

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Overview of Auto Stamper  Auto stamper is the best photo stamper application for Android and iOS users Application is free of cost for a user who can easily download an app from respective play store. This app has features like "Auto Date and Time Stamp" "Auto Signature Stamp" "Auto Global Positioning Stamp GPS" for creating the photo stamp. There is no application except auto stamper application which allows these all three feature in a single application.

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Features of Auto Stamper  A user can Add date stamp and time stamp on the photo.  The second feature is Signature stamps which are used for adding personal stamps like own signature on the photo.  Another feature is a Global Positioning stamp GPS which is used for adding address stamp like a current location on images.  The last but not least feature of Auto Stamper is Logo Stamp in which you can set your trademark logo or any image on your captured photo.

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Applications  Sometime we recall our past best memories which we celebrate with our family or friends but most of time we can’t remember exact photo date and time when it clicked. So it is impossible to remember your every moments for a long.  Today social media is most popular for sharing life best moments and activities. Social media used for both ways personal and professional. Peoples share their personal photo with family members or friends and professional person also share their photography or work related pictures for gain popularity but problem arise when some steal your photos and abuse them.  All of us want to visit amazing places around the world and capture images of beautiful scenes scenario. But after some time we can’t recognize place name where you actually photos clicked. So here your solution named “Auto Global Positioning System GPS Stamp”

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Other Specifications of Auto Stamper  The user can easily add all stamp with different styles and sizes in pictures.  The user can add custom stamp with various color combinations with your image.  The user can add stamp at anywhere in the photo like right left top bottom in horizontal and vertical manner.

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Availability  Auto Stamper Application available on respective play Store like Google Play Store and App Store.  So download this photo stamping app and enjoy happystamping

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