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I used this worksheet during a 1.5 hour class to mixed beginner level ESL learners in Utah. As all the learners were able to understand basic English and respond, before handing out the sheet, I led a discussion asking the students what their favorite holiday was in their native country or in the U.S., they could choose. After all of the students and teachers shared their answers, the students were given this handout. Some were able to answer and some needed help. In some cases, the learners needed to be asked the questions in various ways if they did not understand all the vocabulary being used, or they needed help to put their answers into complete sentence (as some may prefer to answer in one or two words). After they wrote their answers, some could line up their answers into a paragraph, some needed assistance, and some found it easier to reuse the sample paragraph adding in their own answers. When I facilitated this exercise, section 3 was not on the worksheet. So, for the student who preferred this, I hand wrote it and then updated the worksheet to have a typed version available. The learners had fun doing this because they could talk about fond memories of their countries and also things they liked about their new homes in the U.S. Feel free to use this worksheet by downloading and printing it. We request you to leave the footer in tact in your print as copyright. Thank you. Learn more about Authentic Journeys at:


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Page ©2017 Do not reprint without permission. 1 English as a Second Language ESL Writing Activity: Your Favorite Holiday Directions: Step 1: Answer the questions below section 1 in complete sentences. Step 2: Read the sample paragraph section 2. Step 3: Write your own paragraph depending on skill level. Skill level 1: Use the sample paragraph with blanks in section 3 fill in the blanks with your answers to complete the paragraph. Skill level 2: Rewrite the sample paragraph in your own words on a separate piece of paper using your own holiday information. Skill level 3: Write a paragraph from the start with all of your own information on a separate piece of paper using the answers to the questions in section 1. Section 1: Answer the questions below. Arrange your answer into a paragraph similar to the one written on the next page. 1. What is a holiday you like to celebrate 2. Where is this holiday celebrated Choose a holiday from your native country or the U.S. your choice. 3. When is the holiday Date 4. During what season is the holiday 5. How is the weather warm/cold/snow/rain

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Page ©2017 Do not reprint without permission. 2 Section 1 continued 6. How do people dress Any special clothes or colors or symbols 7. What are some common activities people do on this day 8. What are some foods people eat on this day 9. Anything else special Section 2: Read Sample Paragraph: One of the holidays I like to celebrate in the U.S. is Independence Day. This holiday happens on July 4. Since this happens during the summer many people like to do stuff outside because its warm out. Many people wear shorts tshirts and bathing suits with the colors of the American flag or wear American flags on their clothes. People wake up early to go spend the day at the park with their family and have picnics go to theme parks or go camping. Normally on this day people eat picnic food like sandwiches and salads or barbeque like chicken burgers. Everyone waits for the nightfall to see fireworks. As the sun can set as late as 9:30 or 10pm parents let the kids stay up late. I think these are the best memories I have of celebrating Independence Day.

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Page ©2017 Do not reprint without permission. 3 Section 3: Fill in the blanks on the sample paragraph with your own information: One of the holidays I like to celebrate in _____________________________ is _____________________________. This holiday happens on ____________________. Since this happens during the ______________ many people like to _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________. Many people wear ___________ _________________________________. People celebrate by __________ ____________________________________. Normally on this day people eat ___________________________________________________________. This paragraph was changed slightly to make it easier to fill in the blanks. Try to read your paragraphs out loud to get practice reading.

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