AdvancedMD Eligibility Verification Solution

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pVerify’s advancedMD eligibility verification solution ensures that you are billing to the right payer and using correct demographic details to avoid cost denials downstream. For more information visit:


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About Us Are you worried because your staff has been spending too much time on the phone and on insurance websites checking patient eligibility pVerify can solve your problem and minimize manpower required in the patient eligibility verification. It is a boon for those providing medical service. pVerify can do everything you want as it offers high availability secure data processing speeds up the whole process significantly decrease errors enhance the information system at the front end and eventually grow business.

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pVerify helps in reducing claim denials by 50 because it fills in the gaps and points out errors to fix

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Increase Profitability with pVerify Using our new portal give easy and instant access to your patient’s key insurance benefits ● Instantly and easily see eligibility errors. In fact critical errors are pointed out in red for easy visibility. ● Instantly see critical information such as co-pay and deductible tailored to your specialty ● With pVerify you can accept any form of payment such as credit debit cards FSA/HSA Check ACH or cash in-office online or over the phone. ● Authorized users can refund money to patients when necessary eliminating the need for manual processing of paper checks. ● It helps to reduce in time consumption required in billing process by 75.

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Contact Us For more information visit us at: Or Email:

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