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Are you searching for advancedMD eligibility verification? Use the technology pVerify provides. It is the best choice as it can simplify the whole reporting and verification process. For more information visit:


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About Us pVerify is a unique blended process that helps in streamlining the hospital information system. With the help of pVerify we can instantly check patient eligibility - without spending countless hours doing manual checking and this will automatically reduce the possibility of errors.

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Only pVerify provides this set of advantages ● Faster verification ● Improved cash flow ● Fewer denials ● Less patient delinquency ● Easy-to-see eligibility info ● Reduced labor costs ● Full report customization ● Human checking for accuracy

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Less staff time for eligibility verification Reduction of claim denials Payer coverage – More than 800 carriers in total

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Patient Payment Processing With the help of pVerify you will be able to accept any form of payment such as ● Credit Debit Cards ● FSA/HSA ● Check ACH or Cash ● Payment in-office ● Online payments ● Payments over the phone etc

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For more information visit: Contact Us

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