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When you’re looking for contemporary jewellery that can be styled perfectly with any kind of western wear for any occasion, you need to get in touch with an experienced customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore.


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How To Style Gemstone Jewellery With Western Wear - Aura Jewels Fashion is always changing and more and more people are shifting to wearing western wear may it be at home at work at family gatherings or any event. Also many love wearing fusion wear which combines a little bit of the western touch keeping intact the ethnic feel that we Indians possess. We are now shifting from the proper traditional heavy lehengas to more casual chic contemporary outfits even for a close one’s wedding. But this doesn’t limit to outfits alone. As and how outfits change so does the jewellery. If you are one shifting towards western wear you would also wonder as to what kind of jewellery to buy to go well with the attire. Don’t worry. We’ve come up with a few easy styling options where you can match your favourite gemstones and metals to your western wear type.

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The basics Just as much as traditional lehengas and anarkalis call for elaborate and chunky heavy gold jewellery western garments call for more minimalist and simple designs. Stud earrings hoops dainty bracelets and thin chains are the safest bet. Gold silver and platinum all go well with western wear depending upon the style and colour. The most popular gemstones you’ll see paired with western outfits are diamonds pearls rubies emeralds and sapphires centre/rubies-emeralds-sapphires-facts-curiosities/. Red-carpet gowns If you’re planning to don the look of nothing less than a red carpet gown choosing the right kind of jewellery becomes even more important. Dark-hued gowns in black or navy blue go absolutely well with Blue Topaz dangler earrings or gold-diamond danglers. Similarly for pastel hued gowns you can opt for yellow sapphires studded in yellow gold dangler earrings. And if you are comfortable enough we’d advise you to opt for a one-shoulder or off-shoulder neckline gown to show off your dangler earrings better. Also you can pin up your hair to bring even more attention to the danglers. Keep your neck away from any kind of jewellery and stack on some rings and bracelets to match your earrings. Work wear jewellery You can go all bold and elaborate with red carpet events. But the same doesn’t apply to office wear. When you’re in the office you need to be subtle and minimal yet look confident and gallant. This makes pairing the right kind of jewellery with your workwear a tough choice. You need to choose a chic and elegant piece that isn’t too flashy. Topaz Gold stud earrings and Citrine Gold hoop earrings

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look great when you pair them with a full suit or a skirt and blouse. But if you are more of the white shirt and blue jeans types you can opt for Tanzanite Gold hoop earrings instead. Then if you’re the white linen shirt-dress kind of girl you can choose Turquoise Gold dangler earrings. Add a minimal bracelet to your attire and you’re good to go. Casual wear Coming to casual wear when you’re out with family or friends you can generally wear anything at all. But if you do want to leave an impression you may follow some rules. For example if you’re wearing a shirt and wide-legged pants you can choose multi-hued gold earrings and a matching multi-sapphire bracelet. And with a solid coloured cami dress you can choose to wear Blue Topaz earrings for a perfect addition. Contemporary designs and vivid colours make any kind of gemstone jewellery strike a great impression on the viewers. And this is just what Aura Jewels has to offer. As much as its known for its amazing collection of traditional wear it is equally considered as the best customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore where you can have any kind of jewellery designed as per your choice ranging from minimal studs to elegant dangler earrings cute pendants to dainty bracelets. For more Information:

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