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Even if you have had the best gold jewellery in Bangalore made from a reliable jeweller, excessive use of hand sanitizers during the Covid-19 pandemic can result in faster wear and tear of your jewellery piece.


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How Can Hand Sanitizers Affect Your Jewellery - Aura Jewels With the breakthrough of the Covid-19 pandemic we’re all always being advised to use safety measures like wearing a mask wearing gloves and washing our hands with sanitizers. Repeated contact with such chemical-based sanitizers can definitely keep our hands safe but what about the rings bangles and bracelets that we wear When you wash your hands with sanitizers your rings are coming in touch with chemicals. And although only your palms are being sprayed with the sanitizer droplets also touch the bangles or bracelets that you wear around your wrists and arms. So if you are wearing precious jewellery like that made of gold studded with diamonds and gemstones you know that these precious metals and stones are getting in touch with chemicals maybe even more than they can handle. Thus sanitizers can definitely kill the virus but can wreak havoc on your precious

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jewellery by breaking down the shine and colour of the metals and gemstones over time. You must hence in the path of practicing good hygiene and safety also make sure that your jewellery doesn’t lose its charm and lustre. Here’s how. How do sanitizers affect jewellery Let us first understand how sanitizers can cause damage to your jewellery learning which you’ll know what all you should and shouldn’t do while you have your jewellery on and are in a need to use sanitizers. The main content of sanitizers is isopropyl alcohol which is the main component that kills most of the germs. There is almost 60-90 alcohol content which can result in reduction of sparkle shine brilliance and luster of jewellery. Sanitizers also contain halogens that can wear or tarnish the plating of the metal. All of this results in faster ruining of jewellery as compared to natural wear and tear. What should you do and not do So here’s what you should and shouldn’t do. − If not important avoid wearing any jewellery on your hands. − If you do you should get off your jewellery before washing your hands.

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− When you get off your jewellery you would want to wash them too especially if you have gone out of your house and want to avoid any traces of the deadly coronavirus. So for this you can clean your jewellery using warm water and dishwashing soap. However doing this again and again can yet again do the same thing to your jewellery that sanitizers would otherwise do. Thus it is wise to keep your jewellery off during the Covid-19 pandemic if it really isnt necessary to wear them. − You can clean your diamonds and gemstones in an ultrasonic cleaner to get rid of deeply encrusted dirt and grime accumulated on them. Remember the Covid-19 situation is temporary but your diamonds and gold need to glitter and shine forever. And for the best gold jewellery in Bangalore with certified diamonds grading-report/ that will shine through decades you can have all your gold and diamond jewellery designed at Aura Jewels. For more Information:

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