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Whether you want the latest jewellery design trends for this summer season, or want to invest in something classy that’ll last a lifetime, you need one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore that can offer you both.


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Jewellery Trends For This Summer - Aura Jewels Summers are here with the scorching sun shining over our heads and just like summer calls for changes in clothing foods and lifestyle it also calls for alterations in the jewellery we wear. We know the fateful circumstances that we all are living in today thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also stopped living for a while when we were living under a strict lockdown. But eventually we have to start getting back to our everyday routines of moving out of the house going to work and executing the necessary tasks although with complete care and precautions. And for those of us who are still stuck at home we always have the option to socialize right from home by getting involved with private video calls conference calls live streaming and more. And while we can do all of that there’s no harm in dressing up a little is there With all the gloominess spread around us dressing

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up a little can bring a change in the mood don’t you think So here to help you dress up with the right kind of jewellery here’s a list of some of the most popular trends for this summer. Hoop earrings Hoops big or small will be a must-have not only in the summers but throughout the year. But the summers give them an airy look especially when you have them in pure gold or gold studded with diamond accents http://aurajewels.over- aura-jewels.html. Light weight jewels Summers are hot and you want your jewellery to be minimalistic lightweight and summer-friendly. Opt for light delicate chic designs featuring delicate gem work with summer colours like yellow orange pink parrot green and light blue. Minimalism As we mentioned above summer calls for minimalistic jewellery. The women of today are no longer obsessed with eye-catching pieces of jewellery and in summers over-the-top look is a big No Invest in classy fine jewellery that looks simple yet elegant. Remember less is more so don’t stack up all kinds of jewellery on all the possible parts of your body. Some classy earrings with a small

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pendant on a gold chain and a beautiful ring to match should be just enough. Floral designs Summers are all about blooming flowers fresh scents and pretty colours. No summer jewellery can thus be complete without some floral designs. You may have your favourite flower transformed into a jewellery design made in yellow gold white gold rose gold or silver but don’t forget to include some floral colours too to add to the summer effect. Uncut gemstones Raw stones or uncut gemstones are the latest fad. Uncut gemstones set in gold make a perfect combination and just the thing for this summer. It could be your earrings pendant or finger ring use this combination and have the most ideal piece of jewellery enhancing your look. So these are the five latest trends for summer jewellery this season. Stock up on these jewels because the summers seem to be here long to stay this year. But also remember jewellery trends come and go fine jewellery lasts forever. If you are looking for classic quality pieces that you can treasure for a lifetime you can walk into Aura Jewels one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore where you’ll only get genuine metals and gemstones that you can pass on to the generations to come.

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