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Choosing the right jewellery can be a challenging task. But, if you have the right guide to help, buying one off the shelf, or having it made at a customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore can become easier.


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The Art of Choosing The Right Jewellery - Aura Jewels Choosing the right kind of jewellery from the entire range of different metals stones colours designs and more can be a difficult task. Trends keep changing at a rapid pace and it becomes difficult to keep up with the changing times. There is so much versatility to choose from yet keeping your designs eye- appealing. Making a decision for the right jewellery thus becomes a challenging task. But if you take help of this blog we will help you choose the right kind of jewellery for you to wear every day. What’s your style The first step is identifying your style. What kind of a person are you What does your personality say What kind of wardrobe do you possess Every individual has his/her own personality and unique style statement which differs from person to person. Depending upon your style you can choose the kind of jewellery you would like to buy. Peppy – If you are a peppy person full of life you would want to wear jewellery that is trending well-groomed and chic. Now if you think that only silver diamond and pearl jewellery can be

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chic hold on. If you are a gold loving person but would also love to be modish you would be glad to know that even gold jewellery can be chic. Whether you wear medium length skirts with fancy blouses floral summer dresses or solid pants and tops there is always a golden chic piece of jewellery for you. Some of the best designs could include thin gold chains collar necklaces thin anklets toe rings stud earrings geometric designs and birthstones. Elegant – If elegance is what you believe in you may want to dress up well-groomed no matter where you go. Whether you go to a high society party or an everyday affair you need to then dress up in classy simple designs that speak about your elegance without having you to look too gaudy. This is when you need simple light danglers a delicate bracelet a netted cuff or a cocktail ring. Statement – If you are one who prefers to make a statement wherever you go you want jewellery that stands out from the rest. You need something that captures the vision of all and has heads turning around to look at you once more. This is when you need captivating earrings bold necklaces or a fascinating bracelet. However wear only one statement piece from all that you wear and don’t overdo it. If you plan on wearing everything “statement” you are only going to make a fool of yourself. Remember to keep it subtle and eye appealing no matter what you wear. Is it comfortable Whatever you have chosen based on the above are you sure it’s comfortable for you Comfort is something that is important because unless you are comfortable with what you wear you can’t appear to be confident. Heavy jewellery with sharp edges worn everyday can definitely have people eyeing you but it won’t keep you comfortable. It won’t enhance your confidence which

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will show in your activities and behaviour. So avoid wearing anything that doesn’t make you comfortable. What’s your budget Everyone has a budget and you should stick to it. Whether you want to buy heavy statement pieces or elegant daily wear a budget is important. Going way out of your budget just to impress people and boast of your choice is nothing wise. Whether you have a small budget or a big one you need to plan your purchase accordingly. Make sure to balance your design and budget well. With the above things in mind you can now possibly make the best choice for your jewellery. And if you don’t find your choice on the shelf you can always have it especially tailored by talented designers and skilled artisans from a reputed customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore one like Aura Jewels. For more Information:

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