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Walk into the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore to have specialized anchor jewellery made for you, whether it is pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, or anklets. Anchors are after all a sign of security and positivity.


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What Does The Anchor Sign Mean - Aura Jewels The anchor symbol is one of the most popular symbols seen in various prints and patterns and also in various forms of jewellery worn as pendants or bracelets or earrings. Although not so popular in Indian culture it has great significance in the western society. But as we are become so modern and adorn western clothes too there is no harm in wearing that anchor symbol too. After all the anchor only signifies safety security trust confidence hope stability tranquility strength and good luck. Importance of the anchor in Christianity If you are a Christian you already know the importance of the anchor. During the Roman Empire between the years 64 and 313 AD Christians were prosecuted and killed as it was against the law to follow Christianity. Thus during this time Christians could not

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use the “cross” on which Jesus had been crucified as the symbole of their fate. Thus they had to find something similar to express their fate and hence the anchor was used. With so much significance the anchor is quoted in the bible as representing hope. Importance of the anchor in spirituality dreams and psychology Now speaking of the anchor’s spiritual meaning it holds a lot of significance here too. In the world of dreams and in spirituality the anchor has very curious meanings. As per a belief if a woman has a dream with an anchor in it she will have a baby who will choose to work as a sailor. Another superstition is that if you dream of an anchor hidden or under the water it can be a sign of disappointment to come or a big trip or change of home. Also in psychology an anchor means that one is looking for greater security force and stabilization. Anchors on the graves Anchors are also put on graves. They are put on graves for those who were associated with the sea life or a maritime profession. And when the anchor is represented with a rope of chain around it it means that the person was a former member of the Navy. As you can see the anchor has so many various kinds of symbolizations and significances associated with it in various cultures and sectors. But wherever you see the anchor is only associated with positivity strength and hope unless seen hidden or under water. Why not use this amazing object in your jewellery too to always remind you that you do have the strength and positivity within you and that there is a force driving you in life You could

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choose to wear whatever kind of anchor jewellery you wish to. You could choose to have it as a pendant or a bracelet as it is most popularly worn. Other options include anchor stud earrings rings with an anchor design or as a part of an anklet. So choose your style and have you anchor jewellery designed. It could be in yellow gold rose gold white gold or sterling silver or you could also choose to have diamonds studded in the shape of an anchor on your jewellery pieces. One variation that you can use with the anchor is a mariner’s cross which combines the anchor with a cross. This anchor-cross combination signifies a fresh start with hope. Whatever you choose Aura Jewels is the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore where you can have it done professionally at affordable costs. For more Information: http://www.aurajewels.in/

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