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Which Diamond Shape Should You Buy To Suit Your Personality Did you know that you should choose a diamond shape that suits your personality Yes it’s true. Every personality has a particular diamond shape that matches it. Here is a list of 10 such diamond shapes and the personalities that match them. Round diamond This is one of the most commons shapes. The classic round brilliant cut diamond is the most traditional one with 58 facets which holds the ideal proportions to maximize shine. This diamond type symbolizes romance and faithfulness. Thus if you are one in love who is of the personality of being faithful honest and sincere in the relationship this is the perfect choice for you. Oval diamond This is becoming an increasingly popular choice for diamond rings. With a symmetrical elongated round shape having 58 facets the oval diamond offers fire brilliance and scintillation. This is perfect for those who are sophisticated yet bold and creative. Heart diamond This shape obviously is a heart shape symbolizing romance but it also radiates fire and brilliance. It is heart shaped with smooth glistening curves possessing 56 to 58 facets to

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sparkle. If you are romantic sentimental passionate and optimistic the heart shaped diamond is for you. Pear diamond This is smooth and curvaceous diamond with one end pointed containing 56 to 58 facets. It has a striking shape with a dramatic design being ideal for those who are easygoing and peaceful yet yearning for more. Princess diamond This is the diamond that is perfectly cut into a square and has 57 or 76 facets. It portrays a modern design with a contemporary edge. This is perfect for those who are clever fun loving adventurous and love being the centre of attention. Emerald diamond This isnt associated with the emerald colour. It is instead a diamond shape that is rectangular and sleek having 57 facets. This is the right choice for those who have a keen eye for design and a good sense of self and those who love to take risks. Marquise diamond This is an impressive shape that is mystical stylish and slender with an alluring charm. Its unique cut with 56 to 58 facets offers a larger than life appearance. This is perfect for those who are dramatic outgoing and amusing with a larger than life attitude and elegance. Cushion diamond This is a square shaped diamond with smooth round edges having 58 facets which makes the diamond look elegant. This is for those who are romantic brave trustworthy and fashionable. Radiant diamond This is a richly luxurious diamond with 70 facets glistening away brightly symbolizing enchantment and romance. It is to be worn by those who are persistent confident fun flirty and don’t shy away from being different. Asscher diamond This is an elegant and unique diamond containing 50 to 58 facets giving it a Hall of Mirrors effect which allows light to bounce to and from each face to create a rainbow. It is a sophisticated diamond that makes a fashion statement and grabs eyeballs. Those who are feminine and have a flair for drama can wear this diamond elegantly. So now choose the perfect diamond shape for you and have your ring pendant earrings bracelet or whatever it may be designed and made at Aura Jewels the store offering the best diamond jewellery in Bangalore both ready and tailor-made.

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