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http://atlanticleak.com/flat-roof-leak-detection/ Extreme weather, poor design and construction all conspires to create leaks. Atlantic Leak Detection utilizes latest in scientific electronic technology to pinpoint flat roof leaks. These technologies help to locate leaks in roofs. Call us for more information. Atlantic Leak Detection 23 Bluebird Lane Marlboro, New Jersey 07746 (732) 546-3800


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Flat roofs can develop leaks for a large variety of reasons and at any point in their lifespan.


Extreme weather, poor design and poor construction can all conspire to create leaks.


Atlantic Leak Detection utilizes the latest in scientific electronic technology to pinpoint these flat roof leaks.


We offer two types of Flat Roof Membrane Electronic Leak Detection. EVM-Electronic Field Vector Mapping which detects leaks under wet conditions using Low Voltage Technology. Electronic Leak Detection or High Voltage Method detects leaks under dry conditions.


Both are designed to locate leaks in flat roof membranes such as single-ply, asphalt, bitumen and liquid applied roofs.


If you would like further information or to schedule our leak detection services, Contact us: Atlantic Leak Detection NJ Office: (732) 546-3800 NY Office: (718) 576-2033 PA Office: (215) 867-8150 Visit: www.atlanticleak.com

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