What is the difference between sunrise & evening desert safari?


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A PDF document to walk you through about the difference between Sunrise & Evening desert safari. It is hard to miss out on some of the great desert safari deals in Dubai when you are out in the city to spend an unforgettable weekend getaway from home. Let’s dive in and see what is there on offer.


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What is the difference between sunrise evening desert safari If you have planned a weekend getaway in Dubai then the desert safari is one activity you cannot miss. There are some great desert safari deals in Dubai for you to choose from. However there are two types of desert safaris in particular you should know about. One is the sunrise desert safari and the other is the evening desert safari. Each has its own specialty which is the reason for you to choose either of them. Let ’s have a detailed look at these two types and see what ’s so great about them. Evening desert safari This starts in the afternoon across the vast oceans of desert in Dubai with so many stops for you to take photos while you ride in a 4X4 wheel vehicle on an exciting dune bashing to the first destination of a camel farm. You then continue along the desert. You also have so many other activities like sand boarding and henna designing on your hands and feet. Then you get to satisfy your taste buds with a delicious barbecue dinner and you get to try the popular shisha. Those of you who have been waiting to see a belly dancer show her moves around the campfire at nightfall you get to experience this too. There are also other activities like fire show tanoura show. What makes the evening desert safari Dubai so beautiful is that there are so many stops in between to watch the mesmerizing and lovely sunset before you reach the campsite to do a camel ride as you may have seen in so many movies. So this is that moment for you. Sunrise desert safari This type of safari as its name says is one that is done early in the morning so make sure you are up very early and prepared. Experience the awesome views of sunrise in the desert after which you will enjoy a 4WD across the sand dunes of the desert. You get to enjoy a mouth watering breakfast falcon show. You have stops in between to take snaps of the mesmerizing sights of the really rare moment of the sun coming up over the horizons. The thrilling Falcon show is a must watch as you get to see the great hunting skills of the national bird of UAE.

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The activity however that is the highlight of this desert safari is the sandboarding. This is for those individuals who love thrilling experiences. You get to sandboard on the dunes and get the real feel of the golden desert. You cannot complete this trip without trying out this wonderful and extremely amazing Sunrise Desert Safari with Sandboarding Dubai. Sand skiing is also a similar activity. You can do both of these activities with your friends and enjoy the moments together to make a memorable trip for all of you. Your time to decide Now it is your turn to decide which desert safari you want to go on if not on both Choose the one that will most suit your needs and timings and especially your friends and family. There is always something for everyone. So make sure you opt for the activities that you all really want to go on to make your Dubai trip an evergreen and unforgettable one.

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