Common challenges of hiring Home Health Aide Trained Personnel

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Periodic meetings and open communication can assist in resolving problems before they arise. If the situation cannot be resolved, then you will need a different worker.


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Common Challenges of Hiring Home Health Aide Trained Personnel Periodic meetings and open communication can assist in resolving problems before they arise. If the situation cannot be resolved then you will need a different worker. Two of the most common problems are resistance to strangers and cultural differences. Resistance to strangers Older and sick people are resistant to the idea that people they do not know come to their home and this may include home health aide. You can insist that you do not need these cares that you can take care of yourself to perfection and just like your relative are the only person you trust. If this problem is not solved your relative can fire the worker or make it so difficult the job they give up. Part of this resistance comes from fear of theft abuse and other ills. Most however probably comes from the fear of losing their independence. It is common and there is no simple solution. However you can talk to your family member about tasks for which no help is needed. Tell your family member that having help will allow you to do more things and can prevent health problems in the future. Cultural respect is important for everyone. Be sure to discuss language and food differences among others in advance. Your work your family and your children need it too. Explain that the Home health aides make it possible for you to be a good son or daughter and a good parent or whatever combination of relationships. And you must never assume that you can provide all the care for an extended time no matter how much you want or feel you should. You cannot help your family member if you are exhausted anxious or overwhelmed. Home health aide training personnel know how to handle patients who do not want their help. They do not take rejection as personal. Some will be firm while others will gently distract the patient. You may need to try out several assistants until you find the one that has a style that best suits your relative. Sometimes what starts badly ends well when the family member and the worker learn to understand and appreciate each other. Cultural differences Cultural respect between the home health care assistant and your relative is critical. Start with the names. You can avoid many problems if cultural differences are addressed from the start. Frequently however they are only addressed once the problem has occurred. Many assistants are women belonging to minority immigrant groups. Good nutrition is essential for good health. As people age they may find that the foods they once enjoyed no longer taste the same. Or they may be sensitive to odors that are unfamiliar to them. If the home health worker cooks foods that are too spicy or have a strong odor your relative may refuse to eat them.

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If your relative does not speak English ask for an assistant who speaks the same language. Many assistants who speak different languages in their home can speak and understand English well enough to communicate with their family member.

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