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Everything and whatever is present around us does portray lot of significance and importance. This is why people like Acharya Sandeep Bhargava play a prominent role in making sure that precise or accurate observation of each numbers is carried out.He has always made sure that every client also understands and at the same time absorbs meaning or explanation of every number.


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By Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava

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What is Numerology? • It is the overall creation of bond between the number and many other similar events. • Through this numerologists tries to give a definite meaning to the letters present in words, names or ideas. A perfect and meaningful form of sync is thus highlighted. • Other fields or branches of similar study are – astrology and matching form of divinatory art forms.

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How Numerology Works? • According to famous and renowned numerologists there is a very beautiful meaning behind every number that is present. • Till the time a very effective and concrete understanding I not derived, nothing should be dismissed. • All the experts in this field make a perfect correlation between not just numbers but other mystical bodies as well. This way many things like compatibility level is maintained and gives a proper direction to person’s life.

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How are Numerology Calculation done? • The expert first of all makes sure that every big thing like year, month, day is fragmented into a |Master Number” like – (11, 22 33 etc). • In the next stage expert add these numbers and make sure that it is derived into a single mathematical unit. Once it is done, then relationship with other people or life is calculated. • There are some sets of advises which is also given by the numerologists to bring some richness into the life.

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What can Numerology Predict? The overall idea of acquiring number in comparison to either your traits or birth dates etc. It is based on this a well calculated number is to predict future happenings of a person’s life and how it is going to effect it. The list of things which people are curious to know and relevant numbers which will bring good fortune is: • Creative Works, Social Events – 3 • Home, Health, Marriage – 6 • Travel, Meeting new people – 5 • Romance, Diplomacy – 2 These are some of the things which is asked and answered along with relevant numbers that is going to provide blessings.

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Numerology Reading? This is a fine display of calculating the good chances of a peaceful and happy life. In fact over the years no concrete solution is yet to arise but there is still a large section of people who trust and feel there is no harm in following this field of science. So when a numerologist’s calculates based on the birth dates, marriage dates etc a reliable form of correlation is maintained. It requires a set of skill sets possessed by the Numerologists in coming to a positive conclusion.

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Name Numerology? When a child is born, then first and foremost thing which comes striking into the mind is selection of “first letter of a name”. It is not a simple thing as it may sound to someone. Everyone and specially people who understand Numerology will broadcast positive side of calculating a good number from birth date and automatically finalize perfect name of the person. When all such things happen in a desired manner, then essence of “Numerology Reading” is finally completed.

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Numerology Calculator? People who are willing to make sure that right or precise calculation is done if proper results related to Numerology Calculator are to be executed. In this case consulting none other than Acharya Sandeep Bhargava is a perfect solution. He is not just a wise guy who is having in depth knowledge related to similar things, but also has understood overall significance. Under no circumstances one can find even a single person who would narrate of a disheartening time period. His overtall idea or motive is to make sure that everything goes on smoothly and in a seamless manner, making sure all expectations of client is fulfilled.

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Numerology Compatibility? Whenever a priest or a learned person that not just looks over the dates of two people willing to get tie a knot of togetherness. Well, knowing of a pattern that would make sure that not just two people but two souls are living together peacefully and happily. Marriage is a bond formed on a foundation of many factors like – love, trust, feeling of attachment, willing to do something special for other etc. Since, ancient time art of figuring out possibility of good work is based on precise and wise calculation done taking assistance of numbers. This is why consulting and generating of report comprising of all the possibility is very much possible. Acharya Sandeep Bhargava is the person who has attained mastery over it and made sure to excel and achieve great heights.

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The symbolism of numbers? Whenever one looks at the world around themselves then first and foremost thing which comes to mind is overall relevance. Since so many numbers are present and modify each other, the analysis is, as you might expect, a considerably complex operation. When you understand the basic symbolism of the numbers outlined below, you will have a useful grasp that should make it easier to interpret the various parts of the report.

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Number 1 shows : independence, individuality, attainment ; leadership, pioneering, administrating. Number 2 shows : cooperation, closeness, sensitivity; balance and harmony, supportive. Number 3 shows : expressing self, joy of living; enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, sociability. Number 4 shows : system and order, service, sense of limitation; managing, hard-working, practical, down-to- earth. Number 5 shows : constructive use of freedom; variety, excitement, progressive, creative.

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Number 6 shows : balance, responsibility, love; supportive, comforting, serving, helping. Number 7 shows : analysis, understanding, introspective; search for truth, spiritual understanding. Number 8 shows : material satisfaction, accomplishment; desire for success, power, recognition. Number 9 shows : selflessness, humanitarianism; giving without thought of return, compassionate. Number 11 shows : illumination, spiritual channel; spiritual teacher. Number 22 shows : master builder, latent power, nervous tension; spiritual understanding of material world, high ideals.

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