Is Slack And Salesforce Integration Beneficial For Businesses?


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Salesforce Slack Integration allows users to directly share ideas, views and files with their teams and within the organization. For more details, visit


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Is Slack And Salesforce Integration Beneficial For Businesses Slack helps in communicating and sharing with your teammates on a day to day basis. One of the important features of Slack is that it can be integrated very easily and powerfully with other external applications. The Salesforce Slack integration allows users to interact in real time between Slack and Salesforce Chatter thus maximising team involvement and productivity. Many organizations nowadays uses Slack on a regular basis. It helps in efficient team communication and it has also become pretty much popular among various companies. Integrating Salesforce And Slack users will have the accessibility to search for leads contacts and the records directly into the Slack platform without switching over to Salesforce. One of the simplest and easiest ways to integrate the two systems is through Salesforce Appexchange. Appexchange is the product marketplace of Salesforce where free and paid apps are available for download for the users.

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Benefits of Slack Salesforce Integration:- 1. Users can view the messages in Slack when any event happens inside Salesforce. 2. Achieve goals efficiently as the coordination among the teams improve users will be able to manage accounts more effectively consuming less time. 3. Customer response rate improves as productivity increases. 4. Real-time engagement among employees and between customers and employees helps in better customer satisfaction ratio. 5. Users can have access to Salesforce reports and Dashboards through Slack Channels. 6. Users can create and edit Salesforce objects from Slack platform. Astrea has extensive experience in integration Slack and Salesforce application. Astrea had the requirements to synchronize Contacts and Tasks information from Salesforce to Slack channel. The name of the owner of the task was used as the username in the Slack. Astrea used the Slack’s API to achieve this task. The data was posted on multiple channels of Slack using different channel IDs. Whenever a task was created in Salesforce instance all the fields were checked that needed to be linked together and then the details were simultaneously posted on the slack with the username same as the owner of the task. An authentication page was also created by using simple VF page where a new user would register and configure their instance in Slack channel. By integrating the two systems Astrea was able to achieve the goal of exporting the data of tasks and Contact object of Salesforce and post it inside Slack platform. User could also post the information on Slack as comments with links that redirects it to the Salesforce records. Multiple users were able to post the data by simply using different channel ids.

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Lastly Salesforce Slack Integration allows users to directly share ideas views and files with their teams and within the organization while automatically sharing the Salesforce object relevant to the communication. The best feature includes that the users do not have to leave Salesforce to participate or get involved with the rest of the organization thus acquiring consequential and important time saving factor in achieving their goals.

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