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So here we will talk about how you can integrate Salesforce and Mailchimp through the app.


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Mailchimp Salesforce Integration MailChimp is an app in Salesforce which integrate data from Salesforce to MailChimp. It integrates your leads and contacts to MailChimp so that you can target with the leads contacts with the particular email content. You can syncs Mailchimp with salesforce via two ways — The app way or the API way. The first motive is the simple installation and configuration of an app in Salesforce while the new require custom coding to suppport Salesforce and Mailchimp APIs for interlinking. The app way though not as flexible as custom API based integration is still capable for most use cases. So here we will talk about how you can integrate Salesforce and Mailchimp through the app. Install and Configure App in Salesforce :- ● The initial step is to install the app. You can search the app easily at Salesforce AppExchange. ● Once you have installed the app you would now have to add Mailchimp sections to your lead/contact layouts. ● Goto Setup-Leads/contacts/-Fields-Layouts. ● In Layout designer goto Visualforce Page ● Drag and Drop MembershipContact section to your layout. If you are doubting where MembershipContact section came from it was build by the Mailchimp app ● You can also edit the fields available in search layout. To do that navigate to Setup- Leads/contacts/-Fields-Search Layouts. ● Shift the Mailchimp Subscription field to the Selected Fields section. ● Don’t forget to click save at every process.

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Configurations In Mailchimp :- ● Login your Mailchimp Account ● Go to MailChimp and click the Accounts Panel. ● Click on Integrations- Salesforce ● Click connect. This will open salesforce authentication login page. ● Logging in will change you to the integration page. If you see the success message then everything went right and you now have a successful integration. Else repeat the process. Import Contacts from Salesforce :- ● Now that we have synchronized the two import the contacts or leads if you want to mailchimp. ● Go to list pages in MailChimp ● Create a new list. Then on the dropdown close to the list choose import. ● Click integrated services.

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● You will get a schedule of services that you can sync to MailChimp. Select Salesforce out of the list. ● Now you would have to do the aligning. Go to Import Fields setup and choose the SFDC fields that you need to add. Hitted import and combine Salesforce fields with MailChimp list fields . Click review and then Import. ● If you need a new list of various contacts repeat the process. For more details visit

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