How To Choose On Offshore Salesforce Partners?


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You need to ensure that your values and the vision are similar to your Salesforce Consulting Partners. For more details, visit


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How To Choose On Offshore Salesforce Partners Numerous businesses in all verticals depends on Salesforce as it provides hundreds of easy to use features and multiple components. With growth of there are many companies that have become Offshore Salesforce providers. On Appexchange there are over 700 Salesforce partners listed. And there may be many companies who offer Salesforce services but are not the registered Salesforce partners. If you have the Salesforce consulting business or if you are a user of Salesforce products then you might need some Offshore Salesforce partner. And it can be a tedious job to select Salesforce Development Partners which can provide best offshore services to you. So this article can guide you on how to select the perfect salesforce partner. A correct choice of offshore Salesforce partner can help you get a high quality consistent and affordable Salesforce support. Following are some of the facts which needs to be looked on in a Salesforce Offshore Partner. ● The Partner’s vision and value should be similar to yours - You need to ensure that your values and the vision are similar to your Salesforce Consulting Partners. You can check out their mission statement read their client

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reviews research involvement in the community and you can ask them questions for the better understanding. ● What level of partnership Offshore Salesforce Partners have - When you find a Salesforce partner whose vision is similar to yours then you move on to consider ‘their level of partnership’ with Salesforce. As there are different Salesforce partnership levels you need to ensure what level of partnership does the partner have and how long they have been associated with SFDC. ● How much experience on - You need to know that how long they have been partner and how many projects they have done on the Salesforce platform. ● Identify their area of expertise - You need to know the expertise of your partner. The Salesforce Offshore Partner with industry expertise can offer educated and well-researched solutions. And they know how to use Salesforce platform to solve problems. ● Salesforce Certified - Salesforce certification validates if the partner has the Salesforce knowledge and experience to handle your implementation. ● Flexibility- You need to know that in which time zone the partner can work. And are they flexible to work as per your business model and as per your requirement.

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● Quality vs Price - You need to do the proper research and prepare a budget. The budget should be flexible as your needs will continue to change. You also need to assure if the Offshore Salesforce Partner provides the quality work for the paid charges. The above criteria when applied in a consistent manner can lead to a long-lasting mutually beneficial partnership with a Salesforce offshore provider.

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