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Google Calendar Salesforce Integration is a combination of Google Calendar & Salesforce. Visit


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Google Calendar Salesforce Integration Firstly we will discuss about Google Calendar Google Calendar lets you organize your schedule and share events with coworkers and friends. With the Googles free online calendar the user can easy track their daily schedule. And Salesforce is the group within a company which conducts the sales. is the cloud-based CRM system which allows the salespeople to track their sales support people to track their differnt cases and the entire companys employees to collaborate with each other. Google Calendar Salesforce Integration is a combination of Google Calendar Salesforce. When you integrate Gmail and Salesforce you help your reps spend less time entering data and toggling between the two systems. You also help the sales teams in tracking the important email conversations relevant to the Salesforce records. These perks help your reps: 1. Eliminate the time they spend on redundant data entry into two systems. 2. You can easily access the important Gmail email messages and also relevant Salesforce records in one place making it easier to craft the targeted meaningful email communications to the prospects and customers. 3. Focus more on what matters most: their sales

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Challenges:- 1. When an Event is updated or moved from one User to another this all should be reflected in the Google Calendar instantly. 2. The requirement of the client was to sync Salesforce Event standard object with Google Calendar in such a way that when an Event is created in Salesforce for a User an Event with all of the details should be created in the respective User’s Google Calendar also. The client wanted this functionality for many of the different Users. Solution:- 1. Whenever the Event is assigned to a new User in Salesforce the trigger is fired and the changes are made. The Calendar Event is deleted from the previous Users Calendar and is get added to the new User’s Calendar. Any modification which is made in the Event record in Salesforce is easily get reflected on the related User’s Calendar.

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