Is FreshConnect Establish Two Way Connection Or Not?


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The Freshdesk Salesforce Integration allows the assistants to view, edit and also to create Freshdesk tickets from inside Salesforce. For more details, visit


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Is FreshConnect Establish Two Way Connection Or Not The Freshdesk Salesforce Integration allows assistants to view edit and create Freshdesk tickets from inside Salesforce and also to view Salesforce contact info inside Freshdesk. To get this synchronization to work you will require to install the Salesforce app inside Freshdesk and also the Freshdesk app inside Salesforce. Salesforce app inside Freshdesk Installation:- ● Sign-in to your Freshdesk account as an administrator. ● Go to Admin Helpdesk Productivity Apps Get More Apps. ● Select Salesforce from the list after that click on Install. ● You will be requested to enter your Salesforce credentials. ● Under Salesforce Settings you can select the Contact Lead Opportunities and Account Fields that you would like to transfer from Salesforce. ● Once done then click on Update. How does it work in FreshDesk

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● If a ticket is lifted by a user who is a lead/contact in Salesforce you can view their relevant – leads contacts accounts and Opportunities from Freshdesk. ● Accounts will show up in this group only if the name of the account in Salesforce matches the name of the organization the contact is mapped to in Freshdesk. ● The Salesforce app gadget would show up both on the contact info page and the ticket information page. Freshdesk app inside Salesforce The Freshdesk for Salesforce app is openly available in the Salesforce Appexchange and can be used with Company edition and above. Please remember that only Salesforce Admins can install the Freshdesk-Salesforce package. Installation:- ● Sign-in to Salesforce Appexchange with your Salesforce references. ● Seeking to find something for Freshdesk and once you locate itthen click on the Get it now button. ● After that click on the Install in Production button in the next screen. ● Approve the installation after granting the terms and conditions. ● You will be requested to sign-in to your Salesforce account. ● Depending on your use case you can select to install Freshdesk for all users or just for the Admins. You can also select particular profiles to whom Freshdesk tickets should be shown. Configuration:- ● Once the installation is donethen you will be taken to the Installed Packages page. ● In the sidebar on the left click on Security Controls Remote Site Settings ● After that click on the ‘+’ button in the menu bar to open all tabs and then click on Freshdesk. ● Type your Freshdesk URL and your API key to configure your account. ● To obtain your API key in Freshdesk click on your profile picture on the top right corner then click on the Profile Settings option. The API key can be seen on the right below the change password option. Astrea IT built a Freshconnect a Salesforce app that permits to connect Freshdesk System with Salesforce and Salesforce with Freshdesk i.e. two-way connection is built through this application.

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