What Is The Need Of E2Excel & Barcode Salesforce Integration


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Excel Salesforce Integration backing Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity and any custom objects. For more details of Excel and barcode integration, visit https://astreait.com/E2Excel/ and https://astreait.com/Smart_Barcode/


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What Is The Need Of E2Excel Barcode Salesforce Integration E2Excel is a Salesforce app. It is written in Apex to transfer the info from List view. It does not pull the info out of your Salesforce details. All the information stored in user Salesforce instance. Excel Salesforce Integration backing Account Contact Lead Opportunity and any custom objects. In the App the E2 Excel button is only present for Account Contact Lead And Opportunity. Clients can add this button in any item/object required. Now Clients are able to transfer the real replica of list view of any item with complete info or selected info in a button click only. Export data in Excel from any Sobject list view- ● Export data from Account Contact LeadOpportunity List View. ● Export data from Any Custom Sobject List View. ● Convert your lists into Excel. Astrea IT built this application the E2Excel button is used for both standard and custom objects. Clients can select the exact data or can transfer all records without selecting the checkbox of the item/object required. Various features that E2Excel supports are:

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● Quiet easy to use intuitive interface with just one button. ● Clients can select the data by selecting the checkbox or they can transfer all data by just clicking the button. Now we’ve discussed about Barcode Salesforce Integration There are possibly as many no. of barcode scanner applications in the play stores as the no. of people in this world.I’m overstate but you get the point. These are built using native code and most work great. Barcodes are a profitable and good method to improve efficiency and reduce overheads in any Commercial Action.This could include pricing or supply information or Quote or Statement Slip etc. Barcodes make it possible to track each and every commercial action strictly. For e.g. backlog levels can be identified product requirements can be analyzed through scanner location of items can be tracked invoice info can be identified etc. Smart Barcode is Lightning ready Salesforce App. This application is needed to generate the Barcode and change into any Text to the Barcode. Clients can use this application for any field in any Standard and Custom Objects. Barcode Salesforce Integration can be used let’s take an example of companies where Salesforce is used to record hardware and print supply items as barcodes. This will allow them greater comfort to deal with hardware and also the remote assistants could use it to scan barcodes of remote hardware to approve receipt. Various benefits of the apps are as follows-

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● Smart Barcodes cancel the possibility of human error. ● Develop Barcode for any field and for any item in PDF format. ● The application will help over many business areas for dispatching document processing. ● In the list view of SObject record page Client can select more than one item at a time and also generate Barcode for all of them at a single time. You have seen the importance of Barcodes in the Sales movement in Salesforce CRM Astrea IT has launched a component on AppExchange to ease the Barcode functionality for Salesforce Customers. Astrea Barcode Component is a complimentary Salesforce Lightning Component. This Component is required to generate Barcode and convert any text into Barcode Binary format. Customers can use this Component for any field in any Sobject. This Component provides service for desktop users as well as mobile users. For more details Click Here

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