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War of 1812 5 th Grade © Kara Lee

Trouble with Britain:

Trouble with Britain In the early1800s, conflicts between America and Britain began to increase again. James Madison was president at the time and Britain was currently at war with France. President Madison wanted the United States to stay neutral or not take sides during that war. Americans were currently trading with both France and Britain, and they didn’t want this to stop. © Kara Lee

Trouble with Britain:

Trouble with Britain Conflicts with Britain and America began to arise though, and Britain made America their enemy. Britain’s navy was very powerful at this time, but lots of British sailors were working on American ships because it paid them better. British officers began to raid these American ships to look for their British sailors. Occasionally they would capture American sailors instead. They would make these American sailors serve in the British navy. © Kara Lee

Taking Land:

Taking Land Americans were currently in disagreements with American Indians because American Indians were being forced off their land. Americans believed that the British who were living in Canada may have been providing these American Indians with weapons. One of these American Indians was named Tecumseh. © Kara Lee

War Hawks:

War Hawks In Congress, a group called the War Hawks pressed for war against Britain. Even though President Madison wanted to stay neutral, he felt pressure to ask Congress to go to war. © Kara Lee

War of 1812:

War of 1812 On June 18, 1812, America was officially at war with Britain. The reasons for starting the war included: Stop capturing of American sailors Keep Britain from helping American Indians who were fighting against American settlers Drive the British out of Canada and hopefully gain more land © Kara Lee

Burning of the White House:

Burning of the White House In August of 1814, the British troops attacked Washington DC and burned down the White House, Capitol, and other important buildings. © Kara Lee

Francis Scott Key:

Francis Scott Key During the War of 1812, a lawyer named Francis Scott Key, was watching a battle between the British and Americans. During the battle, he noticed that the American flag was still flying high over Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor. He was inspired by this and wrote a poem titled “The Star-Spangled Banner”. This poem was later put to music and became the nation’s national anthem. © Kara Lee

End of the War:

End of the War The war lasted from 1812-1814. In the end, neither the British nor the Americans won the war, so they agreed to end it. The Treaty of Ghent was signed stating that neither side owned any new land. Things were returned to the way they were before the war. The War of 1812 was remembered for dramatic battles at sea because most of the battles were fought at sea. © Kara Lee

Pride in America:

Pride in America After the war, there was a sense of peace and prosperity (economic success and security) in America. This Period was known as “The Era of Good Feelings”. Nationalism is when people are devoted to their country. The War of 1812 provided a sense of nationalism in America. © Kara Lee

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