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Are you a Nutritional Over-achiever

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I was talking to a friend recently and she said that people usually click on things that say “LOSE WEIGHT NOW” when they are browsing through the web. That got me thinking. Wow weight is a pretty big deal and what’s bigger is how abysmal most people’s knowledge is on the topic. It saddens me to hear people saying that they were just born this way or they are so because the parents were obese. Let’s dispel all myths and clarify your nagging questions. What is obesity That’s a question for the ages. Obesity is defined medically or scientifically by saying you have excess body fat. And to measure this excess body fat people use BMI. BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it divides the weight in kg of a person by the height in cm squared. As you might guess the BMI is not very accurate. To give you an example most NBA players

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are more than 25 BMI. Which means they are considered overweight. Reaching the number 30 means that you are obese and some NBA players have also achieved this. Certainly people who can run non-stop for at least an hour and do acrobatic stunts and then Slam Dunk are not obese. So where is the fallacy in the BMI. Well the BMI assumes that the excess weight is by fat only. And it does not differentiate between fat and muscle. Meaning that healthy sports peoplebody builders weight lifters and wrestlers have increased BMI. That said every person with a high BMI is not a jolly fellow. I am sure that people who have high body fat will know that it’s fat and not muscle. The differentiating point Well the sagging skin should say it all. Want to know your BMI Well you can. Talk to our Doctors anytime online for help. Hey but why am I obese Most people want to think “I was born with it and no matter what I do I have to live with it”. While this might be true in some people genetic causes form only a minute part of obese people. The 2 big factors that cause obesity are plain simple actually: Food and eating a lot of it People eat to live. And live to eat. There are so many foodies out there nowadays and calorie consciousness takes a U turn in a lot of people. Put a yummy desert and everyone will want to devour it. Improper diet and excessive eating cause a big belly. The link is that simple.

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Having a lazy life or a sedentary life : People are fond of luxury. So they prefer a life where they are at ease. People sit and watch TV rather than go out and sweat out over a game of anything. The result is that calories consumed stay consumed and then pump their way around the body to convert to fat cells and store away for eternity.

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There are other factors for obesity as well: Social pressure - Children are easily influenced by parents to overeat. Some societies place importance on being obese as a sign of wealth. Some diseases - Prader Willi disease Cushing’s disease Hypothyroidism and eating disorders just form a small piece of this pie. Genetics - Barring diseases a special mention here goes to Leptin and Leptin alone. And to throw in a mnemonic you can remember that Lep-tin makes you thin. A defect in the Leptin gene has found to make people obese and thus the genetic culprit is found. I am sure you are thinking if your obesity is genetic. Get an online Doctor visit at askthedoctor.com and you can find out if you have a genetic cause. Ok so I am obese. How do I get rid of it

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At the risk of making this sound very cliche pick up any Medical text and look up management under the obesity section. And you will see 2 magical words: Diet and Exercise No points for the right answers Medicine and our ageing old and the robust young professors still stick to the old adage. Get back to the basics go find your roots. If you want to lose weight reduce the calorie count of your food and get off your couch or chair and put on those jogging shoes. You may want to see a Doctor to confirm this is safe first. Or you can talk to our online Doctors. Of course this is easier said than done. But here are 2 tips that will do wonders. Join a group to do what you love. You can trek dance trek and dance and then run and then play a sport and cycle. Or do all of them together. And as the saying goes 3 is always a party right

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The food part is not an easy one. Most people find it beneficial to start making healthy choices. Reducing the amount you eat drastically is difficult and impractical as the body will soon crave food and you will rush to the store and overeat. But making healthy food choices is not. Snack on fruits and veggies instead of fried tidbits. Eat good wholesome meals with slow glucose release rates like brown rice and brown bread. Avoid overly sweet food. Avoid sugars in beverages. And avoid one or 2 big heavy meals. Instead you can break them up.

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There are also some medications which help but I will stop from describing those. The reason is that the medications are very dangerous and you should talk to a Doctor. You can ask our Doctors for more info at askthedoctor.com Lastly if all else fails go under the knife. Bariatric surgery or gastric banding or making your stomach into an egg size pouch will definitely work. Sure there are some side effects of Bariatric surgery but all is fair in love and war which is truer if you have a love hate relationship with obesity. All the best and have a safe weight loss

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