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INCEPT GMSS is personal mobile device that can be used on places where presence of persons is not desired or where surveillance is needed. GMSS sends pictures and videos in MMS and email and other information through SMS to one or multiple users.

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With IR-dongle system can take pictures and videos in total darkness also. Can set at any position & angle with the help of stand.

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System has its own battery power and can be moved and used conveniently at all places where user need security. Also increase security by detecting intruders by IR-sensor when there is no one at home, store, office or industrial installation.

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Features of GSM MOBILE SECURITY CAMERA: Device can be installed inside a car to prevent vehicle theft or operation of the vehicle by an unwanted person. •User can retrieve pictures and videos remotely by SMS command at any time •Device can be used to monitor ambient or devices (Thermometer, electricity meter, volt meter, etc.) •Device can inform user about power failure (220V or USB) and its recovery •Device can periodically send pictures, e.g. receive 1 MMS every X minutes (e.g. send pictures per MMS each day at the same time) •User can extend battery time (to weeks or months) by connecting Device to battery pack with USB connector •Device saves photos and videos in internal memory and can operate with or without SIM card.

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SMS Commands for operating device : SMS message Function @help Help for user @ goff Guard off @ gon Guard on @ pic (Picture) take picture and transmit @ vid (Video) take video and transmit @son Siren on @ soff Siren off @stop Simultaneously: set Guard to OFF, deactivates periodical sending of pictures per MMS and stop automatically daily Guard. @ aon@XXxxYYyya - Start Guard every day at XXxx ( hh:mm ) and stop Guard at YYyy ( hh:mm ) (e.g. @aon@20300730a) @ picre @Ⓝm (minute) Input of the time (10≤Ⓝ≤1440) set periodical sending of MMS with picture (-s) every Ⓝminutes. @ vidur @ⓝs (second) Input of the time (1≤ ⓝ≤15) determine the length (ⓝseconds) of retrieved video.

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(1440 min. = 1 day). Set 0 (zero) to cancel sending of periodical photos (or send @stop) @ meon -> activates MMS sending @ meoff -> deactivates MMS sending @ meon and @ meoff does not influence sending of alarm MMS messages For periodical photos:

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Parts of device & its functions: • Speaker: Alarm and melody • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): Display the screen • Infrared Motion Sensor: Detects motion of intruder • USB: Charge the battery, PC interface • Key Pad: For direct manual control

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Key Pad functions:

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LCD Display: Functions of Icons

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USB Connection:

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Specifications— -GSM Vers . 99 / GPRS CLASS 12 -HF-BAND: 900/1800/1900 MHz -Dimensions: 51.6 x 120.4 x 22.1 mm -Weight (incl. Accu ): 95 g -Capacity: 1100 mAh -LCD: 1,5inches, 128 x 128 Pixel, 65K Colors-Infrared motion sensor: Angle ~95°, Distance app. 6 m) -Camera: CMOS 0,3 Megapixel, viewing angle: 60°(standard) or 90°(with wide angle lens) -Picture sizes: 160x120, 320x240, 640x480 (before sending, it will be reduced to 320x240) -Internal memory: up to 1100 photos and 100 videos (5, 10 or 15 seconds long) -WAP Ver. 2.0 -External power supply: -Travel adapter for 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, or -connection via data cable to any USB port-Operating temperature: -20 °C ~ +60 °C-Languages: English, German, French, Netherlands, Italian and Croatian (4 languages per SW version)

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